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  1. Turns out some motherboards simply have specific slots that just won't allow "powerful" GPUs to function properly. I'm not a super PC guy that explain things well but here's from tomshardware website: (From what I understand it is a 2.0 slot and there is nothing I can do about it. So as recommended plugged it in the 3RD slot and it works like a charm now.) The ASUS X99-PRO comes with three PCI Express 3.0 x16 slots (PCIEX16_1, PCIEX16_3, and PCIEX16_4). With a 40-lane processor installed, the board supports x16/x16/x8 configuration. With a 28-lane CPU, the board supports x16/x8/x4
  2. So I have finally found the solution to this problem while actually looking how to fix the exact same issue for Tyranny which I recently purchased (since Deadfire was unplayable) Anyway here it goes a quote from steam community: What is the problem you ask? The graphics card was seated in a PCI-E slot on my motherboard that would only run at full power (x16) under the right circumstances. In this case it was reserved for SLI-mode (dual-GPU) configurations, and was running at x2 mode. What this means in laymans terms is that the data lanes between the GPU and my system were at 2 inst
  3. Well... It didn't help unfortunately... Looks like I'll need to build an ATi/AMD rig to play if hardware is the issue.
  4. Hello everyone! I have contacted the support about 6 months ago. Although they were very friendly they couldn't help me solve the problem. I also feel that maybe I have failed to explain the problem well enough. Anyway I have made a short video capturing the problem. With NPCs on screen the game just turns into full retard mode. The more NPCs on screen - the worse it gets. I will not bother mentioning that it gets even worse in combat. When the game first came out it ran absolutely fine. I completed the main story line. Now that I want to replay the game along with all DLCs I ju
  5. I have checked how to get the correct output_log.txt and have attached it in the email. Thank you.
  6. It's been a while since I checked back. Haven't been playing for a while. Anyway I tried again today, it got much better however still the problem persists. I cannot seem to find an output_log.txt as the game does not crash. The issue now though is that the game can handle 2-5 NPCs on screen, however as I enter the Kraken's Eye for example and 10 NPCs are visible on screen the fps drops and the game start lagging. I could only find the output_log.txt when the game as crashed and will send them as requested. Although not sure they will be of any help.
  7. Hello everyone! Just registered to as this question. I have completed PoE2 as it came out. Then left it alone. Now decided to play it again with DLC this time. Unfortunately the game is completely unplayable when I have more than 2 NPCs on screen. If I scroll to the edge of the map where "the fog of war" is then it runs smooth. As soon as I scroll towards my character - fps drops to zero even on lowest settings and resolution. I have tried the -forced3d11 fix but it didnt work. Running as admin also does nothing. I have done benchmark tests, monitored activity with MSI afterburner
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