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  1. I'm a huge BB fan and I've obiously watched the entire BCS series too. I never had felt like they look much older than they do, that's a bit exalted. I'm enjoying BCS so much actually - really well done series too imo. Orbs It is not as fantastic and as intriguing as breaking bad, but there's less chaos and just seems to me like a bit more calm version of BB kindof lol. Really looking forward and wondering when and how Heisenberg crosses the series=D
  2. wow, this is quite interesting indeed. let's see what the future holds then i guess lol. what if it is for the better?
  3. I agree that hiring someone of this age for the role way younger is not too smart from nflix. I'm wondering what made them believe it was the best choice. Not denying the actressess' charm, just absolutely logically thinking. Unless she is like Aniston:p I really wish they step up their game for the future series, after going through lots of different series during my time on their platform I've had quite a few things i was a bit annoyed of. Sometimes i feel like it's a complete chaos caused by different views of different people who work on production
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