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  1. Its GoG or nothing for me. have no problem with timerestricted exclusive sale platforms since i dont buy betaphase-games anyway. POE I needed 3 Years to be halfway bugfree. So this aspect is ok. But in general, Mafia Methods like Epic is trying to gain Marketshare with, no thanks. As Developer, theres more to earn than just money. And as Platform, theres more needed than exclusive titles. We saw what happens when companies try to play the **** game. Customers need to use their votes. Dont waste it as happened on intel or nvidia (or esp amazon they lured the customers first and then play the monopoly game)
  2. minecraft/mojang may be a good example. But w/o a glasssphere its hard to predict what we will see. Personally MS store would be a nogo, really enjoy the DRM free experience and the ability to mod the game. At the end its a matter of long term smart psychological, responsible thinking vs greediness and stockholder pressure. You actively have to steer against those industry evolution mechanisms that results from human shortview. Many companies who became too big, lost track or became too self-shure (intel) and started to act against customers* This is always the entry point for other/new players (amd, linux, ..) *(MS already does in some ways, Blizzard lately too, EA, Asus, etc ppp.) So act smart, MS!
  3. Ok, a case of misunderstanding and -interpretation, perception and expectations (and sorry that it made you unneccessary reinstall the game) Those uniforms here on male Characters look the same as in your screenshots. Frankly, from the Bug descriptions ive read, i expected them beeing either totally non-visible on male characters or looking like (other poes) tabula rasa, complete uni / white colored like the pink blob bugs w/o any textue. For me they looked ok on first glance and halfway intended since i dont give _that_ much on looks ingame anyway. Now staring at them they feel ofc buggy .. *damn*. It _may_ be not too complex too fix if values can be compared form female and male version in the assetbundles. But thats no educated guess.
  4. No. hm, just some (additional) ideas (besides that i agree that something in renderer may have changed): - did you try disable or force/override aa/af (and other) settings driverside? - did you try running w/ w/o dwm (desktop windows manager)? - did you try different dx versions / open gl via commandline option? second and now were coming to one of the points why i dont trust ppl. attention for details- it has a reason i typed the complete version number. Until you name the exact version youre running, discussion is rather pointless. because: there are 2 different 3.07 (- 3.70) versions: 1280 and 1381. when i name the complete version i expect that others do that too, to make sure we talk about the same. i really suck @mindreading and here we go. The bugs you describe are part of 1280 but are fixed mho in 1381*. i just did a test and the pirateuniforms display correctly on all (my) male characters. The bug with the captains hat was fixed too (one of the effects triggered wrong) that doesnt mean its bugfree, just saying its really important to be exact here. * patch(es)1381 had to applied properly
  5. *sigh* whats your gameversion? maybe we start with some basic info before rinning the alarmbells
  6. Thats faar away of any critical component. Thought maybe if ram is at or below 4gb there may be some enhanced swapping occuring. but the slowdown seems definitely caused by some software quirks. maybe someone knows where responsible methods are located and we can have a peek into.
  7. Affirmative. 5-6 pages is the threshold that degradation begins to become apparent. From there it's exponential for every page more of junk you collect [and forget to sell]. would be intereresting to check if its machine spec based (Ramsize / kind of massstorage (hdd/ssd/nvme/ramdisk) / etc) or pure codebased. i already saw some quite stupid limititations in the code for other things. have you tried hard/softlinking the tmp/temp and temporal saves folder to ramdrive?
  8. hm, thats weird. Acknowledged, that that Mouseinteraction on active InventoryGUI isnt the snappiest in PoE, your described scenario sounds very weird. Ok, havent tried more than 4 pages yet, so maybe the 6 pages mark some critical threshold as i interprete your post, but at least for less pages shift-clicking all items in a row from stash to vendor ui works quite fast and im done in less a minute and thats on a gaming-potato machine.
  9. so you drag and dropped them to the merchants interface? ..
  10. the achievmentdependencies genereally can be removed in the code as well .. but yea.. renders achievments quite ad absurdum then
  11. you could install IEMod and activate the stash always available option
  12. cant fully confirm that, seems to affect not all users/installations. when running latst version (here GoG) with the deadfire dlc and the patches for the dlc (those are 3, not 1, you have to apply a patch to vanilla files and a patch for each expansion. some users fail here and getting the pink voids) the game runs smooth and at least i dont have blurry textures (but that may differ with hardware). To be safe download the complete pack form gog again if you use the gog version, since they update the package from time to time. the deadfire item thats notably bugged is the soulbound arablest, but there is a community fix for it.
  13. Yes, there is Time for ahk. ;## ahk script to disable left shift key in Pillars of Eternity ;## run as admin! #IfWinActive, Pillars of Eternity $*Lshift:: go to https://autohotkey.com/ download and install the right file for your OS save above code as file with .ahk ending and execute it with the AutoHotKey.exe (unicode 64 bit usually) (attach .ahk files to the exe is the easiest way) enjoy. p.s ofc the script needs to be running while PoE is running.
  14. Hmm.. depends on the deal id say. If its done like ms did with mojang, than id say, could go the right way. Mainly to keep supporting multiple Plattforms and dont make it a proprietary Win10 Software. But if MS uses Obsidian Products to give more weight to their win10 / Store / UWP Stuff and try to spread what no on really wants, than it wont be that ideal. Lets hope Obsidian keeps its charme and nature.
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