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  1. Nope, no newer report as Oct. 22nd, 2007. But if you look at http://mantis.team-gizka.org/my_view_page.php your're getting at least a glimpse at the bug-fixing progress.
  2. Have the others dropped out or are their finals/family/friends/etc. time consuming?
  3. Errr... No. At least nothing in our offices... The new mayors notebook nearly made a skydive because of that.
  4. He's got a good look at the project. Shame he needed the leaked version for the declaration, a visit on the website would have had the same effect.
  5. The assumption, that we're playing with the mod in a year from now, is justified.
  6. Even if beta-testing takes long, we should be gratefull that the Team wants to deliver a (almost) faultless product. Screaming at a desktop ain't something for a pleasure trip.
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