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  1. So I started wondering this while building my shifter druid, but it probably applies to all classes: Why bother with Outlander's Frenzy, when potions of power and DAoM exist? As far as I'm aware, none of these stack with each other. Is Outlander's +3 might really that significant considering it "costs" you a talent slot? Certainly not compared to DAoM, I would think...
  2. That seems to have done the trick, thanks. What a weird bug. Incidentally, Rod of Pale Shades was what I was using before picking up GG. I'm still kinda torn on which is better...
  3. Sorry for the necro, I felt this wasn't really worth a new thread: Is it possible this got changed somewhere along the line? I just picked up golden Gaze, and across 10 fights were Blast hit 2+ enemies (I'd guess at least 100 hits in total), Expose Vulnerabilities procced exactly once.
  4. Well, I'm running Kana and a shifting-focused Boar-druid, so reliably proccing Predator's Sense is very easy. Good point about Twinned Arrow - though once you can pick it, it's time to think about switching to Stormcaller. Speaking of which, I'm guessing Penetrating Shot is also a weak pick for Stormcaller, since you want to crank out as many shots as you can to get those Returning Storm procs. What would be better options? Outlander's frenzy, obviously, but what else? I'm using Sagani though - since she has decent MIG but crap DEX, maybe it's better to stick with Persistence after all?
  5. Kind of an old topic, hope you don't mind the bump, but I have a question about Lead Spitter vs. Persistence: So I get that Persistence has the highest DPS... for normal attacks. But what if you throw Wounding Shots into the mix? Wouldn't the "100% of damage done as a DOT" heavily favor slow, bursty weapons? And does Persistence's built-in DOT even "count" for Wounding Shot? So, wouldn't it be more accurate to say that Persistence has the highest sustained DPS? Which begs the question: How long would a fight need to last in order for Persistence to overtake high burst weapons? In my experience, once you've used up your Wounding Shots on a slow weapon like Lead Spitter, most fights are in the cleanup phase anyway. Now, the obvious choice here would be to just use both - start out with Lead Spitter, then switch after the second shot. Which is what I'm doing right now - but that leaves me without an option against enemies with really high DR. Speaking of which - Boeroer mentioned that you don't need Penatrating Shot on Persistence; if you're still reading this, can you expand on this a little more? Surely there is a DR value where PS becomes a DPS gain - did you just mean there are better talent options available?
  6. Description: When you attack 2 targets with any Blunderbuss equipped on a Ranger who has taken Driving Flight, Lead Spitters built in DR only applies to the very first of the 6 pellets that hits the first target. None of the piercing shots (those that hit the secondary target) from Driving Flight get Lead Spitters DR applied either (though this might be intended?). However this only happens if Driving Flight actually triggers. When attacking a single target, all 6 pellets get Lead Spitters DR applied. Interestingly, Penetrating Shot isn't affected at all, it's DR always gets applied to all pellets, even the piercing ones. On the other hand, Lead Spitters extra DR *is* affected. edit: Pistols also don't get their DR applied on the secondary target. No way to test the primary target, obviously. Steps to reproduce: Very straightforward, just equip a ranger (I used Sagani) with Lead Spitter and skill Driving flight, then attack any 2 targets and check the combat log. I can provide a save on request.
  7. The results for the generic fine scepter and Stenes were completely identical. Whatever is happening, it has nothing to do with Stenes being soulbound.
  8. So I wanted to test which talents apply to the wizard Blast talent and Kalakoth's Minor Blights, and which don't. In the process, I noticed some really, really wonky things going on with accuracy (especially of Blast) that I thought I'd share. I examined the accuracy of 6 types of attack events: Scepter primary attack, Blast caused by Scepter, Blights primary attack, Blights AOE, Blast caused by Blights primary attack, Blast caused by Blights AOE. My conclusions are as follows (brackets are my thoughts on whether the behavior is a bug or intentional): 1) Blast inherits the weapons accuracy bonus of the fine scepter and Stenes (+4 or +21 respectively), but not of the wand conjured by the Blights spell*. [seems like an oversight] 2) Blast is ALWAYS affected by Aloth's Distant Advantage racial, as are all attacks that can proc it. Yet it is NEVER affected by the marksman talent, even though all attacks that proc it are. [given the inconsistency, I suspect a bug] 3) Blast is affected by Weapon Focus if, and only if, the attack that procced it is. [seems logical for it to inherit the traits of the proccing attack] 4) When using Blights, the primary hit benefits from weapon focus, but the AOE does not. [might be intended] 5) Under all circumstances, Blast gets an accuracy bonus equal to Aloth's level above and beyond the usual +3 acc / level. Yes, this means that when using a scepter, Blast is more accurate then the attack that procced it. [This one is really mysterious. I haven't been able to find the source of the bonus anywhere. If it is intentional for it to get extra acc, Blast's talent description should reflect that] 6) Not really acc related, but I noticed that sometimes after casting Blights, Aloths first attack will do slash damage. It would appear that the first attack still uses the weapon he had before casting blights (seems like an obvious bug). *Haven't tested it with The Lady's Hand below 50% endurance, might be interesting. My methodology was nothing fancy - I simply reset Aloth to level 1, then specced him as needed for my tests and then picked a fight with Abrecan Doemenel and his goons over and over. I tried both a generic fine scepter and Gyrd Haewanes Stenes, but there didn't seem to be any difference. I can go into more detail if anyones interested. I'm a bit uncertain whether this should go into the tech support forum, as I'm not sure if these behaviors are bugs or not. And if they are, it's unlikely for them to get patched at this point anyway. But I thought you'all might still be interested.
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