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  1. But doesn't the DLC itself constitute the "companion quest"? Sounds like it. Aye that's pretty much how they described it, since it seems he'll have a lot to say going through it.
  2. Just rewatched the last 10 minutes of the devstream. There is no indication that Vatnir is only a sidekick. In fact, they actually call him a companion. What they did say was that he would not have a companion *quest*. So yeah, but all indications, Vatnir will be a full-blown companion minus a companion quest, but who cares that much about the last bit?
  3. So Vatnir is just a sidekick, not a full companion? Sort of disappointing. Was hoping for a new companion to mix up my third playthrough. Ah well.
  4. Be neat to have options available across the entire world, IE make the game a bigass journey, even if there'd be less locations per area. I'd love to be able to sail between Deadfire to see how Dyrewood is doing and then go to the White That Wends.
  5. At first I was kind of 'eh' to both it and the game's accents, but over time I grew used to it, and after that, I even started to find it charming. Only thing I could criticize is the lack of Dyrewood characters to add contrast, but I suppose that wouldn't make much sense lore wise.
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