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  1. i agree no one lives forever. luke skywalker SHOULD NOT BE ON THIS LIST. he becomes the most powerfull jedi and later on as he developes he does some amazing **** that no else does
  2. korriban ziost and malachor 5 are realy the only sith planets
  3. Exiles feats punk. Exile becomes wound in force and leaches off all life that he or she kills increasing in power from every kill. Learns techniques instantly that takes years for MASTERS TO MASTER by just watching. Beats Nehilhus. Beats Sion who is immortal. Beats kreia. Single handidly fights many wars. Fights an entire army of sith assains, sith lords, dark jedi, dark jedi masters, and sith maruaders with ease. Kreia states he is the most powerful because he is a wound in the force. Kills countless force snesitives. and many many many more feats. u have a point he is kick ass to the 10th power but he was still around adverage in the force area while he was connected to it
  4. I was under the impression that the Yuuzhang were not native to the SW galaxy, but came from another galaxy *shrugs*. If they have to include some of the old planets in K3 I'd rather they were small-ie not a huge number of missions to do there-and they were 'extras' in so far as there were at least three or four other planets that have more to do and are much more detailed. It would also be nice if the appearance of some of the planets you've been to in K2 changed appearance slightly-and had slightly different missions-depending on if the Exile was DS or LS. For example if Exile was DS then Dantooine would be run by Azkul and the mercs, if the Exile was LS then the settlers remain in charge. They didn't need to do this in K2 simply because the same things happened regardless of Revans alignment-LS or DS Dantooine still got bombed and the Sith left Koriban. OK, so this would be more work, but I would imagine they could use the maps from K2 to remake some of the planets fairly quickly. i guess i should have mentioned the books when i typed the reply but i wasnt thinking about it at the time i agree holeheartedly if they add older planets then make them not as cruciale to the story or something and they should definatly make it so that depending on the exiles path that planets like dantooine were ruled by whichever side the exile helped out but i would rather not have the same maps so-to speak like i would rather not have to stay in koonda but that could be added
  5. I agree, new worlds would be better rather than going back to, say, Dantooine for the third time and Mustafar and Hoth really would leave you with nothing to do. If Corusanunt is included in K3 then I don't think Correlia or Nar-Shaddar would be there as well, fact is that they are all city worlds-Corrleia less so-so they would end up being to similar in appearance and probably in possible missions-at the least it would stretch the abilities of the development teams to the point where they would no doubt consider dropping at least one of them. Having said that Corrleia has something like five inhabited planets-and at least two of them are not populated by humans by native species-as well as Centrepoint station. So they could include Correlia along with Corusant, as long as most of the action on the former takes place elsewhere in the system. Alderraan would be a good alternative to Dantooine, the planets are, I think, meant to be similar in apperance although Alderraan is the more heavily populated world. i agree with both of you there needs to be more to the planet than just one station or just the main city. if they did include corusaunt then they should leave out nar-shaada and corelia or possibly go to crorelia for center point station or something and the sith worlds need more interaction within the system and not be so empty koriban being the exception since it is just a baren waste land/burial ground
  6. The problem would be that it would smack of them running out of ideas. Having vague tie-ins with the films and later periods is fine-it would be rather hard to avoid that really. What I would object to is basically using the plot of something that occurs at a later date and reusing it that much. Yes, the plot for KOTOR does have quite a few eliments taken from the films (Superweapon that can destroy the Republic, being captured by the Lord of the Sith...superfast smuggling ship) but it has just enough originality not to feel the same as the films. Including the Yuzhang would also leave a major problem in the EU-Given that Revan seems to be so well known if he first faced the Yuzhang and drove them back would the Jedi-even after Palpatine all but eliminated them-really have forgotton about them? We know that Luke Skywalker had access to at least one Jedi holocron, and at one point he was using it to get information about Sith Lords prior to Vader. It would also be natural for him (or at least one of his students) to have looked at information about great Jedi Masters. Regardless of if he was looking at Jedi or Sith I would be astonished if Revans name didn't crop up at least once. At another point Luke and his students were looking at Jedi who lost their connection to the force to aid a Jedi who had lost their connection, in which case it would, again, be very surprising if the Exile didn't show up while they were researching that. I'd find it hard to believe that they would have failed to get information on Revan and/or the Exile that didn't meantion what they were fighting. Even if they never got the name surely someone would have noticed that the Yuzhang bore a resembance to what Revan was fighting. *Shrugs* of course for all that logic the threat probably will turn out to be the Yuzhang after all, adding in some explination about never finding out their name....or Revan and the Exile never coming back....or collective amneasia..... yea there has been several eliments from the films so it could be the yuuzhan vong but ive been lookin in on stuff an im not to sure now if it wil be them or not unless they were once masters of the dark side that had controled at least the outer rim which could be possible i guess and i agree that when luke was lookin at the holocrons for revan and the exile's name to appear atleast once if not several times but when revan went to fight this foe what ever it may be no one knew were he when so it could also be assumed that no one knew what he faced
  7. If the Yuuxhang Vong turn up in K3 I will, personally, track down every single person who worked on the game and do things to them that would make Darth Vader look like a small puppy. Yes, Canderious did say that, but like many elements in KOTOR it is a nod to later Starwars stories, not an indication of where things are going. I'd also like to note that 'Unknown regions' simply means areas of the galaxy that the Republic hasn't explored-and even 4000 years later thats a huge area, most of the Galaxy in fact. that maybe but the star systems in the star wars universe are the same in the games movies and books and there is nuthin wrong with the yuzhang vong i thought it was noce to see a foe the jedi couldnt over come with the force since they lost there affiliation with the force many millenia ago through some unknown cause
  8. i would much rather play as revan again since the game so far has revolved around him (or her which ever u chose)
  9. srry bout the last post wasnt payin attention lol. if any of you remember when conderous said in the first game they were attacked by living asteroid that shot moten lava if any of you are familiar with the new jedi order series you see that it is the yuuzhan vong ships and at the end of the series you find out the yuuzhan vong could weild the force but were striped of it by something thousands of years ago an it just so happens that revan left to go to unknown space an the yuuzhan vong live in unknown space coincidence i dont think so??!!
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