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  1. Yeah, I definately hope you are wrong, on the other hand they might "go canon", you know that I don't like that idea but it might be the other option. Hm, sometimes you can ask yourself what's better, a canon storyline with a LSM Revan / LSF Exile or one in which they are both dead. I hope it will be one where we can customize our Revan / Exile but it might be wishful thinking. The "problem" is that people will still buy the game. Has any one read Darth Bane? That could be a good starting point for a new series if LA chooses to. After all, it was written by the author of the KoTOR series.
  2. [quote](Omelette @ Oct 1 2007, 03:17 PM) [quote](Tale @ Sep 25 2007, 09:56 AM) Rogue Squadron II - Rogue Leader Good times, good times. Get the Xwing series you youngsters! Agreed, X-wing vs Tie Fighters was the best, although I like X-wing Alliance variety in flyable ships.
  3. If you read other other star wars books, you may get ideas from questions that are left unanswered in those.
  4. Why does it have to be in the old Republic?... I could be KOTNR, after Luke passes away and stuff, might be interesting, plus you don't have to worry about the story needing to tie in with something. Just an idea......
  5. I think that not only do you add a few new planets, but expand greatly on them, and the places to go, anywhere, like a gta type anywhere. That in itself would add tons of more excitement of exploring. Also, why do people want to add so many sith related worlds? From the past two games, the sith worlds seemed kinda empty. Planets like Mustafar and Hoth are way to unihabited to have anything of real interest on it. I agree that Corusaunt should be added (with maybe your own speeder to drive around with ), and Corellia does sound good to add, and Alderraan as well.
  6. I agree, it did have too many jedi members, and maybe too many party members in general.
  7. Well, I think there should be plenty of side missions and hidden secrets like in the gta series, stuff that is just a bonus. As for the droids, I think it would be interesting to have custom options to build one, like choosing one of several different chassis and other appendages. The storyline could be between the old republic and the new one, before yoda comes around. Or, pehaps a background build up of the Republic. These are just my ideas anyhow. And, it needs more than just 6 or 7 planets, we have the technology to do it on one disc.
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