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  1. I found the answer on steam forum. You need to go to the DLC page for Rum Runners Pack, press "Download". The game will now start. Quit the game and go back to steam. Press Library->Downloads, there should be an update ready for PoE2, klick the button the install it immidiately instead of waiting for the scheduled update. The free DLC will install. Link> https://steamcommunity.com/app/560130/discussions/0/1696048426803810757/
  2. I guess they won`t help us here.. Second problem i`ve had with this game now, and no support to be received...
  3. I've contacted Obsidian support, I've also shared the link to dropbox to bugs@obsidian.net https://www.dropbox.com/home/Pillars%20of%20Eternity%202%20files Here's the link to the dropbox. I've killed my companion to progress, but it's really hard to progress now that i've lost a key companion in combat. Would love to continue playing from the point it buged
  4. I've created a shared folder in DropBox and sent it to bugs@obsidian.net I added a link to this thread in the description of the folder. Do you need anything else from me now?
  5. Hey. Minor spoiler alert ahead on one quest in a large questline: Quest name: Overgrowth I'm on my second playthrough, trying Iron mode, which means i only have one save file. I've played about 12 hours on this playthrough. Bug: Character stuck walking on "deep water". Not able to access land. All other characters are on land. No work-around found to progress game. I'll cut straight to the case: I've now reached the quest "Overgrowth" in Cignath Mor Temple. I defied the God. I've just faught the Kraken, but one of my fighters used the skill charge, and somehow got stuck in the middle of the water (Where the Kraken stood before dying) The character can walk on the deep water, but can't go outside the deep water, to the shallow water The mouse shows an X in a circle around the character that's stuck. This is resulting in me not being able to progress my game. I can't leave the place without my whole party. I'm not allowed to use charge on friendly members (only attack..) I've added my save file in the attachments. How can i get help to solve this without starting a new game???
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