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  1. I think people like me might be a target audience here. I could never get in to the RTwP mechanics. I loved everything about the game apart from the combat. Immersion breaking characters standing awkwardly while getting hit, waiting for their turn to swing the weapon. Whole scrip thing autopilot. Just not my thing. Started the game good half dozen times but could never finish. That's why I never bought the expansions. Today I've played new TB mode and had more fun than ever. TB will get more people like me to buy DLC and more new people to try the game and surely thats a good thing.
  2. There is indeed very little content for Aumaua, especially Island Aumaua to be found. I was looking for something to draw, anyway, so I thought I might give it a try. I'm not terribly happy with the result, but better than nothing I guess. Feel free to ignore it if you don't like them. https://imgur.com/uMTXA1F https://imgur.com/YzISfgi https://imgur.com/C9MLYUZ https://imgur.com/hRgmreB This is so good. Makes me want to reroll island aumaua.
  3. I know what you mean, also find it weirdly enjoyable. Here's some of my favs that I did watercolors for: 1. Variation of vanilla coastal Aumaua by u/harry.agamez from this forum. I think it was made for POE1. Watercolor bit blurry here but looks ok in game. 2. Another coastal Aumaua, this time by by mayroo. I've changed this one a bit on _lg - didn't like red lipstick lips. Here's the link to original https://www.deviantart.com/mayroo/art/Arvela-701725480 3. Island Aumaua from Goliath art by Steve Agryle, cropped. 4. Valian? woman by primodrialsquid, cropped. 5. Variation of vanilla wood Elf by u/knagur from this forum. Again for POE1.
  4. What about streetfighter since you're using blunderbuss anyway? -50% Recovery and +50% Damage. Is the assasinate fight opening bonus vital for this build?
  5. Did another one. Fits my ranger. Slowly getting hang of it but still I think I have too much detail and it's not great in game.
  6. https://imgur.com/a/GbgAAo1 My elf noble (sorry don't know the original author). And my first attemt at GIMP watercolur but seems I'm pretty rubbish at this. If someone more talented wants to have a go then please.
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