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  1. Ha, I just threw a post up with a concern for this... I don't completely agree with the cut off from healing, they don't debuff any of the other sub classes, the choice really comes from what spells you pick after the one's you get based on your god, I do believe the bonus spells shouldn't have any revive/buff/healing involved, and should be focused on possible CC/Ice Damage/Debuffing. as well as the favored weapon being something along the lines of an axe (hacket/battle/two handed) or spear (one handed or pike) that has scaling cold damage give the theme of death, or the winter theme that comes from the white that wends aka pale elf land
  2. I was attempting to make a Pale Elf Mystic (Cipher/Priest), since Pale Elves come from The White that Wends, and their culture also has the option of Mystic... it seemed to be a really tight knit concept expect for an oversight, Pale Elves typically worship Rymrgand Beast of Winter, God of Cold, Death, Winter, Famine, Entropy, Bad Luck etc, but clearly there is no Priest subclass for this god at the moment, I was thinking Ice damage/Debuff theme, likely from the mage tree of spells, with a favored weapon that also does ice damage (I'm thinking two handed Axe for the true executioner's vibe, or some sort of spear for their winter beast theme)
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