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  1. I actually came here to make the same post. Yes, the animancy hearings naturally halt the game's progression. My party retired to Caed Nua until the duc held the hearings in which my characters were scheduled to appear. Kana encouraged the exploration of the dungeons below, in the meantime, until discovering Gabrannos' tomb, at which point he, so disconsolate over those troubling findings, returned above ground. This fortuitously means that my party avoids the brutal fight at the end of Level 7, too, a nice side effect when doing TC. And so they sit, in this narrative, until venturing to White March... I'm having trouble finding another plausible time to revisit the White March, though. I agree that the Eyeless would take precedence over Thaos, provided we understood what that whole story entailed. But there's no credible reason for why the MC wouldn't push right through to Thaos and then, assuming they survived the experience, handle whatever's troubling Stalwart afterward; ominous dreams are not, by themselves, sufficient motivation to drop everything. I'd imagine that it might have something to do with Twin Elms not accepting any visitors--perhaps the leader who lets you in isn't there.
  2. The purpose of the machine in Heritage Hill (Teir Nowneth) seems to involve ripping and tethering souls. Kana's horrified by this possibility, seeing no objective but madness, and so proposes that Nowneth was experimental, an early-stage construction. His theory makes sense; as the Engwithans developed their soul manipulation science, they'd have to start somewhere. They'd probably make some machines without a clear purpose to generations eons later. You see this theme in the Endless Paths, too, where we learn that Gabrannos experimented with the elements in an early attempt to manipulate souls.
  3. Because paladins shine as a support class, they (imo) don't need to worry so much about min/maxing. I just rolled through PotD with my MC paladin who had a mismatch of stats. Although he began and specced as a shield "tank," for most of the game he ran around with a 2H. Didn't do nearly as much damage as another class would, but, like you, I have a soft spot for the Carsomyr vibe. Everything you suggested is viable in PotD. The challenge in PotD depends on where you are. Early on it's tough, since you have no abilities, but if you know encounters well, craft items, and position/pull intelligently you will succeed. Later on it's just a matter, imo, of not getting ****y with your newfound powers.
  4. Just to support what others have said: I've been replaying over the past few weeks, logging a lot of hours, and the game runs fine. No crashes.
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