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  1. All of these points here relate to a them offering nothing but disdain for the game and those who supported them. 1. Ship Combat Get your ****ty 2009 mobile game out of here. 2. Ship Exploration Want to explore? Well now we have a middleman consisting of being annoyed by part #1, along with watered down content. 3. "Open World" Translation: Watered down world (literally?) Extra Translation: Extra watered down when funding is a problem. 4. Spell Balancing touch of rot/chill fog is better than many tier 9 spells. Someone should literally slap the **** out of you. 5. Removal of SURVIVAL ASPECTS No longer do you consider every battle important in the long run. Why on earth did you not just improve the survival feel in this game? 6. Missing Unique Weapons Hah wow, you like crossbows? Good thing there's only one unique crossbow. Only if you finish with a certain faction. Hahaha **** you. I bet this happened because the dungeon lengths are so much shorter now. You couldn't even fit them in places they belonged. 7. No Endless Dungeon I mean, why wouldn't you make another one? Pretty sure everyone that played the first PoE have vivid memories of it. 8. Main Story Interaction 9. Everything is about Armor Penetration. Take all the damage or no damage at all. Yeah no problems there. 10. No full respecs Nothing like making a mistake and having to start from scratch to redo it all. Especially when things get more complicated with dual classes and your ideas are up in smoke because of the ambiguity of many of the spell descriptions and interactions. I'd like to conclude that these horrible, horrible aspects of this game simply did not exist in the previous version. Honestly, the trust has eroded. I do so think that you now see these crowd funding projects as an easy job security application. I don't think you're really concerned with making a good game anymore.
  2. melee characters are all going to take a beating. It makes it so that either the character is a full tank, or a glass cannon. I don't get the in between feel very much because if one character is a bit weaker than the others they take all the focus and get ass pounded. coupling with the fact that the base weapon damage in the game was increased substantially makes it the early levels unbearable. You go from being able to take 2 hits to 3 to 4 to 5 to 6 to 7 to 8 and finally much, much later in the game you typically don't have to worry about your characters going into the red or nearly dying instant deaths because the health finally scaled up past the base weapon damages.
  3. I would have gone the exact opposite direction and made the survival aspects more of a part of the game instead of shying away from it.
  4. *charm* *walks into chill fog and is grazed for 4 damage* WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT A SECOND HERE. I get that throwing fireballs on charmed opponents was beyond broken. But if it's going to break on .1 damage there's not much of a point to charm. You either choose if your party charms things or casts big AOE spells. You can't have both.
  5. And it still all hinged on them missing xoti with crippling strike at the start sheeeeeeeeeesh
  6. No other fight compares. Unless you just cheese it. 1. Slog Zone 2. Limited Equipment 3. Limited Skills 4. High Burst Damage 5. Target Swapping 6. Escape + Targeting Softer Party Members 7. Regeneration The damage the NPCs put out at levels 1-4 here are insane. The lower your level the more insane it gets. Most characters start with nearly 50 health. A single arquebus shot will most definitely hit you for about 30 damage on the lower end. In this level range you simply change how many hits you can take before being knocked out. Which is about 2-4 hits in total. The penetration value is 13 because they use their crippling strike. I think there's 1 wizard, 3 ranged, 3 melee npcs. The accuracy, deflection, and all other saving throws are incredibly high. The damage of the hunting bows is also incredibly high. At least there's a chance to reduce the damage you take from those. Anyway, if you can take this fight head on no other fight in the game will stand much of a chance. The end game is simply gorecci street.
  7. Nah the game is terribly inconsistent with checks. Lifting a wagon? Strength. Swimming? Athletics. Or not athletics. This one is constitution. Swinging on on a rope. Athletics. Grabbing gems. Dexterity. Wiping a party on such ambiguous terms is ridiculous.
  8. Might be me, but my experience with similar athletics checks in the game is that contrary to meaning instadeath upon failure, they usually lead to "barely making it through", but gaining a wound in the process. Of course I haven't played the game solo or in Path of the Damned yet so things may be different in those modes, but if the above is still the case in these playthroughs then I do think it's a legitimate complaint if the game sets an expected outcome for failing these checks that is far less drastic than what they suddenly got. All I know is that I think in POE 1 the most harm it would ever do is put you in a perilous situation with a chance to fight back. In POE 2, it is exactly the same except for what I assume is the one and only interaction that will instantly kill your party.
  9. I remade a game on Trial of Iron on POTD. Finishing up some exploring I didn't get to do with my previous game. And my (about) 20 might, 20 dex, 20 constitution watcher fighter monk character could not cross a rope because of some... athletics check? And instantly wiped my party with no interaction whatsoever.
  10. Started up a new game. I'm not 100% sure on the intro boat fight, but I think at that point in time I could not engage enemies. I got to the beach and I was unable to engage the boars. Using Greatsword or Fists. Devoted fighter. It seems like my engage limit has been reduced to 0 or maybe even some negative number. For reasons I don't understand. The only way I can engage a target is if I go into defender stance. I've tried reloading and restarting the game. It just seems to stick.
  11. Probably the worst design in the game. It is required that you have a character with a large shield. Because you had decided that it should be given a modal ability that reduces incoming ranged damaged by 50%. 50%. Not 20, not 30 but a flat 50% reduction. What? And on another note anyone using a large shield can be expected to hit one in three hundred attacks in POTD. Anyone equipped with a large shield and heavy armor just takes up a slot in the party that just... sits there really. It's not fun at all. If you take this into account it doesn't really feel like you have 5 full party members. You have that thing that sits there and then you have 4 more characters. It further punishes the fact that the party cap is stuck at 5. I can't help but feel any party I make just feels... barely short of being complete.
  12. Well I guess that I have to ask what caused you to release this game too early. Not enough funding? Wanting to just get done with it? I figured you'd have enough funding. If there was proper funding then there's no hard time constraints right? Seeing what you did with 1.1 and seeing free dlc being pumped out. The game will just continue to get better. And 1.1 was a huge leap forward in itself. The method you used here seems to be a method of self harm? I imagine if you had a more complete game at release then the initial surge of fanfare would have carried sales further as it becomes almost a viral meme or something. I don't get it. I love the game though.
  13. Pillars 2 was a good chance to revamp spell casting. 1. New Spells 2. Increased Variety in Casting Times and as a result Increased Variety in POWER of spells
  14. I disagree with obsidian's approach in what a sequel should be. Maybe I'm full of myself here. But I'm a lowlife who has spent most of his time playing video games. The people who create these games tend to have a stable life because of the intellectual and artistic demands required in creating a functional video game. Especially one that a lot of people have high hopes for. You've made the classic mistake I see developers make all the time. Instead of simply improving upon the framework you had in the previous game and just taking all the mistakes you made, and fixing them. And ideas you had in hind sight, and applied them. You would have created a sequel. An improved version. Deadfire isn't pillars 2.0. It's almost different game. It doesn't really bear it's previous title. You've made too many new things. You don't know exactly what you're doing with your new things. You had the old things figured out for you. Why didn't you just improve upon that? I can tell you ran out of time because you approached so many new avenues. This game needed another year at least. I hate what you've done. Because it's half assed. If you want to create a new experience, really create something new. COMPLETELY different. If you want a new version, then focus on improving it from the previous game. You got caught in a situation where you know you weren't able to fulfill EITHER desire you had in creating something new that breaks the mold. Or an improvement from the previous game. Don't end up in this limbo between new and improved ever again. It's lame. It's selfish.
  15. The hell is this crap? A long lasting FIT buff? What? 6 second minimum with 0 armor penalties. My party members can die in the blink of an eye at times. 6 seconds for this? What's going on here man? I don't think there was anything that ridiculous in pillars 1 right?
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