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  1. After finishinging K2 a couple times, I bought K1 and I really have to say, I like K1 much more than K2. The planets, such as Dantooine are bigger. At first, I was getting lost in Dantooine and I don't recall ever getting lost in K2. Also, Dantooine seems much more scenic in K1 than in K2. I just left Dantooine and haven't explored any of the other planets yet but I get the feeling that I should expect the same from the rest of them. Also, for a game that came out over a year earlier than K2, K1 seems to have better graphics, not to mention it feels like a more complete game than K2, which was obviously rushed.
  2. Thanks for the add. Regarding the Intel chipset, I tested out other graphics settings and it turns out I can run it on the highest settings my laptop allows. I can set the textures to high, the antisotromabober to 4x, and the resolution to 1080x768 without much difference in performance than the lowest settings. In either case, the game still gets bogged down in areas where there's a lot to render such as outside environments. The game won't allow me to turn on antialiasing and vertex buffers but that's not a biggie.
  3. So I have two laptops, one pretty nice one with Vista and one cheap one that I use for traveling around. I read that some people are having trouble getting TSL to run on on computers with Vista and some are having trouble running it on laptops with Intel chipsets. I think I figured out how to fix these issues. Vista: If you have a computer with a decent graphics card but can't run TSL with Vista, then download the 1.0b patch. I did that right away when I installed TSL for the first time and got the game running pretty well. There's still some problems though such as the game locking up on startup and during the transition in and out of cutscenes every so often. If you really want to play the game, that shouldn't be that much of a problem, just save often. If you have Vista and an Intel chipset, then read the next part. Intel Chipsets: After finishing the game with a light sided finish, I wanted to do a Dark Sided run through. I have cheap laptop like I mentioned before so I decided to do the Dark Sided profile on that laptop. Since my chipset, which is an Intel 945GM absolutely sucks, I couldn't run the game without any tweaking. First I downloaded the 1.0b patch, then got 3D-Analyze (DL here). Open up 3DA, click select, find your TSL executable, and open it. Then in the "Hardware Limits (cap bits)" box, check off "emulate HW TnL caps." Click Run and you should be good to go! I haven't tried any graphics settings other than the lowest ones so far. I hope this helps some people. Don't know if this has been posted before though so just ignore/close this thread if it has been.
  4. I actually got TSL to run in Vista Business without any tweaking. There are lots of problems though. It frequently locks upon startup and locks once in a while during the transitions in and out of cutscenes. Also, the graphics slow down to a crawl after an hour of gameplay even on the lowest settings so I have to restart the game to get another hour of smoothness. I have a pretty good laptop too that can run games like BF2142 on high settings but get bogged down by TSL...odd.
  5. I really liked TSL because you could train everyone but Mandy and the droids to be Jedi due to the influence system. I don't know if this was in the first game because I haven't played that one but I plan to find out soon. However the drawback of the influence system was that if you were strictly light sided, it was hard to gain influence with say, HK, but as long as you were light sided, gaining influence and training Atton, Mira, Diciple, and Bao-dur to be Jedi was pretty simple.
  6. Nar Shaddaa was my favorite because it was just so full of sidequests and I felt like more happened there than on any other planet. Also, I like big city settings. Dantooine was alright, what you did there was pretty straightfoward. Onderon/Dxun was slightly boring. Korriban, the legendary Sith planet was anticlimatic to say the least. The cave was quite interesting however. Peragus was tedious. Citadel Station/Telos Planetside/Hidden Base was alright, lots of variety. was bleh on the surface but the was great. The action there was so intense, Also got a pretty good 8 vs. 1 screenshot there. I really liked the Ebon Hawk, lots of the plot played out there. It got to the point where I actually just walked out of it and right back in to find out what happened next.
  7. TSL works on my Vista Business with quite a few noticeable but tolerable problems. Even though my laptop can run BF2142 and other games on pretty high graphics settings, TSL's frame rate often slows down into the single digits after an hour of gameplay on the lowest settings. When that happens, I just exit and start it up again. Also, the game locks up every so often during the transition from game play to movies and frequently locks up during startup.... It is still playable however.
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