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  1. Kind, but not pragmatic. I think giving people an inspiration that leads to incredible rate of innovations and insight may actually bring that permanent solution way faster. I guess it all comes down to how you roleplay your Watcher. My Watcher is pro-Galawain/Magran/Abydon who believes in strength and strengthening of kith. Unless it involves destroying an oppressive culture that stifles innovation because that is wrong.
  2. In Caed Nua you can read lore written by Engwithans that the cycle preceded them. A ghost of a Engwithan out rite tells you that his son would be reincarnated just not "properly"
  3. Okay after listening to Ydwin intro again I'm convinced that the natural cycle of souls is that without the gods they don't diminish. Rather their memories are used to create new souls. Which actually makes sense because we know that Eros was created by a god, who currently is going to take a break because he was in game development for 19 years.
  4. I'm not quite sure what you're asking, but I think my answer is: the same way. I'm only suggesting that the gods are creating more of them than there used to be, or at the least that's their goal. They observed a decline in the strength of souls over time, recognized it as an inevitable crisis and went about trying to solve it. Strong souls are associated with strong character: Spiritual fracturing doesn’t contribute to a person’s negative disposition, but is believed to have a subtler effect on their life’s vibrancy and potential. Heroes, brilliant scholars, and charismatic leaders are ge
  5. Just so no one has any confusion, when I was saying "strong souls" in my post I was contrasting it to souls so weak that they've degraded beyond the point of viability. The "strong souls" that the guidebook and Caldara de Berranzi talk about are souls that haven't fragmented over time, but they're not immune to it. And, yeah, I think that's part of the regulation: After the soul’s temporary respite Beyond, their caretaking god delivers a set of instructions. The soul is tasked with finding a new beginning on Eora and acting on the will of its creator over the span of the next lifetime.
  6. I agree, either the writer who designed this world didn't understand the actual logical implications of his cosmology or one of the subsequent writers didn't. I was musing about this a week ago when beating pillars of eternity again that Eros as we know it can't work with any concept of entropy. At this point to make the lore workable I'm just going to have to assume the Egewithians and the gods they created are **** ups who don't actually understand the nature of Eros or souls all that much and are just good at screwing with both.
  7. Exactly this, I think. The gods mentioned that the entire thing they've been trying to do for thousands of years, why they were created even? was an attempt to keep kith souls strong. I think the Engwithans realized with their soul meddling that entropy was destroying mortal life on Eora and created a system (gods) to regulate the flow of souls to try to keep life going on. It worked, to a large degree, but it isn't infinitely sustainable and now Eothas wants the kith to figure out something better for themselves. Except you can't have entropy to that degree in a closed loop system lik
  8. Except we know that can't be true because of the hollowborn. We saw what happened to children born without souls. If souls didn't exist in this world since the beginning literally kith couldn't have survived like the hollowborn are unable to even feed themselves. Engwithians were kith we know that from lore too. They were a collection of all the races. The writer who created the world and the subsequent writers seemed to not have an understanding of the implications of certain world facts. For example the concept of reincarnation, souls being cyclical and combining that with soul energy be
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