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  1. And if you don't like it for character creation... ? Well, you could always turn your speakers off original.gif.

    Yes, or replace the mus file with something better for our liking. ;)


    Your avatar made me launch Planescape Torment's music... whaaa, what an atmosphere in it ! :wub: Some are boring or grating of course, but still they are really instrumentally and melodically original and have a lot of personality, wich made them excellent in-game music.

  2. Expotron's out at last ! Gives me a feeling of great power :sorcerer: . Thanks for the polished docs.


    I don't know how useful is the dedicated server creator as I'm building a solo module, but I've tried it anyway and I could appreciate the translation in French for it (and won't be the only one). :thumbsup:


    As for the theme music, I find it too dissonant, like samm. I think nice harmonious and (more) original yet dramatic themes could have been shaped using more of these exotic drums and flutes.

    BG I and II main titles were also a bit harshy, though...

    But after listening to MotB theme and the musics at Womb's site, I don't expect MotB's music to really surpass Michael Hoenig work on the BG series. I think there will be some nice tunes with some originallity, but I anticipate the conventional boring and/or irritating battle/caves/dungeons tracks that I've heard in almost all games I've played until then.

    Thanks for sharing, anyway. :)


    Edit : Weeeee ! ZBrush 3.1 just been out ! What a great day !

    Zbrush 3.1 + Expotron + 3dsmax + NWN2 Toolset = Most tremendous power ever given to amateur world builders :grin:

  3. But I noticed that people (expecially final player) like more "appareance" than "functions"... so a set of shield and armors (just to say something), that do what every other shield and armor model does (but looking differently), is more welcome than a new scripted system...

    I'm wrong?

    I was thinking the same... I guess that's (partly) due to the fact that pictures catch more attention than text descriptions.

    But there are some script systems that are waited/appreciated by many people, such as the formations scripts by Jasperre. And I personaly love the automatic party buffing scripts by Loudent or LostCreation.

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