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  1. Thanks for the clarification. I also found it interesting (I'm currently playing a Berath Priest) that a Berath priest has the option to subvert the blessing the dawnstars give you in Port Maje (where you get your arm burned). when repeating Waenglith's prayer, as a Berath priest I had the option to go on a rant about how death transforms and only Gaun remains (Waenglith wasn't happy). I've also come across 2 instances where a dialogue option I had because of being a Berath cleric was marked as Passionate, as disposition Berath does not approve of. WHich I thought was interesting at least.
  2. Fair, clever is the most ambiguous one. I saw it in contrast to rational, basically the difference between logic (rational) and rethoric (clever): Whether you actually want the other to understand or are just trying to score points in an argument. But this may very well be me reading too much into it.
  3. According to this thread Gaun had the same dispositions as a priest of Berath (post by Kilay): Don't know what that was based on (spiritual weapon, maybe?) and how legit it is or if it's based on a mod. But yeah, different aspects of the gods muddy the water a bit.
  4. Fair points, but in regards to Ondra (and all of them) I'm more interested in what she expects from her priests as opposed to her own alignment. All of the gods are kinda jackasses in different ways. I mean, Eothas acts out of his own sense of right and wrong but his path through the Deadfire can easily be seen as a crime against humanity. And he kept quiet about the secret of the gods for a very long time. I do kinda wish the devs had defined more clearly what they meant with every disposition. Clever isn't just being a sarcastic jokester, there's also instances where it seems to involve
  5. That's one of the things I always liked about the St. Elcga order. Striving to be diplomatic and honest. I know too many people who believe those traits to be inherently at odds. You know the type: 'I am not rude, I'm just telling it how it is! You're rude!'
  6. So the ones we know are: Eothas: Benevolent, Honest = Good. Cruel, Deceptive = Bad Magran: Aggressive, Clever = Good. Diplomatic, Passionate, Bad. Wael: Deceptive, Clever = Good. Rational, Honest = Bad Berath: Stoic, Rational = Good. Passionate, Cruel = Bad Skaen: Cruel, Deceptive = Good. Aggressive, Benevolent = Bad. Woedica: Cruel, Rational = Good. Diplomaric, Benevolent = Bad. From gamefiles apparently: Rymrgand: Honest, Rational = Good. Diplomatic, Benevolent = Bad Gaun, same as Berath. Interesting if you count that as a separate entity.
  7. OK I've had problems with two bugs that I didn't have before. Problem 1: Currently, Xoti is stuck abandoning casting 'Escape'. An ability she does not have. I've also seen my protagonist trying to cast escape. Again, something she does not have. Nor is escape anywhere in their AI scripts. What the Hell. Problem 2: When I'm on the world map, the sound is choppy. The audio interupts regularly and the sound quality is off. This also applies to conversations with the gods that are instigated while sailing. It's only on the world map. I tried turning off every single perf
  8. Meanwhile, your avatar will probably stop me from getting the full rest. Yeegh. I'm pretty sure The godlikes taste as follow: Fire Godlike: Well done, extra crispy. Nature Godlike: veggieburger with extra shrooms Death Godlike: Stale Moon Godlike: Moon... Moon... MOOOOOOON! Moonmoon. Yeah I got nothing. Pixie-stix? Marine Godlike: Seafood. Avian Godlike: Chicken. Scratch that, they all taste like chicken, probably. Agreed, though from the short bits that I played as a godlike I was kinda disappointed with reactions from people in the first game. I figured the conversation
  9. Thanks for the responses. I never played the game as a death or moon godlike (played nature once) since the godlikes didn't have enough face/hair customization. As for people in the world making claims about your heritage: they could be wrong. Since there are no books that clarify it in the game, nor do the gods ever explicitly claim a godlike as one of theirs (except for Hylea and Ondra when it comes to Palegina and Tekehu), so personally I'm not inclined to take that as undisputed fact (unless the writers/creators of the game run in here to claim otherwise). Especially since the Gods the
  10. Yeah, this whole exercise was based on the assumption of one godlike per god which indeed has not been stated as fact. But in Pallegina's quest they specifically talk about Skaen-godlike. And being able to detect them in the womb. Based on that I assumed they had certain features that identified them as such (physical or otherwise) but I could of course be wrong. Since the godlike also seem to serve as an emergency powersource for the gods (as Magran lets slip) I figured they'd mark their property. As for the moon godlike, it is possible that their name is just one the people of Eora gave
  11. OK, so Pallegina's personal quest points out that there are godlike of Skaen (and the reason we haven't met them yet). And the main story casually mentions the purpose of Godlikes. So it stands to reason every god has them and that the different species of Godlike are linked to particular gods. So I now feel the need for speculation as to which type of Godlike belongs to which god and what the leftover gods godlikes look like. So here's my take (feel free to disagree, even vehemently, preferably politely): Marine Godlike: Ondra. Pretty much stated as such. Avian Godlike: Hylea. See above
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