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  1. So you could say that the statue idea really was a bust :D
  2. Umm, "nobody is perfect so all of them must die" is pretty close to pure evil. That exact attitude is what has motivated many real world atrocities; someone has looked at the world as it is, found it wanting, and self-appointed as judge, jury and executioner - always with the purest of intentions. Nobody is perfect? These factions aren't Justin Bieber fans or love pineapple on pizza kind of evil. It doesn't matter if you ignore all of them or not, they'll all want to attack you once you reach the end unless you've taken their side, it just depends on certain calculations which gets to
  3. My current game I'm killing off every ship that's not straight out a deadfire merchant. And then by the end I'll end up killing off every single faction. Not because I want to, but because the game wants my Watcher to get behind at least 1 evil faction and I'm not gonna do it. There won't be enough pirates left to form a group, especially seeing as I've killed off all their boats. The Queen will attack me for some foolish reason, thinking beyond all logic she and he brother can kill off a group that regularly talk to gods, and end up splattered all over the place. The VTC and DTC, same fate. I
  4. Did anyone else get it to do anything after the initial gameplay? I can't recall needing or wanting to talk to it once after several playthroughs. Wondering what the point of dragging it around was. Foreshadowing for a future dlc maybe?
  5. 2. The Rauatians (Royal Deadfire Company): They're expansionists, colonizers, and perhaps conquerors. But they don't really seem to be fascists looking to kill all the locals. They seem to believe that they can bring order to the Deadfire and make things better for people (at least "better" as they see it). Of course, to do that means that they have to conquer it from its current rulers. So it's far from bloodless. The DFC don't look to kill people, outside of blatant assassination of people they think might be any sort of problem for them. And privateering for them. Outside of that
  6. Monk base class, fighter or rogue secondary class options. No unique items, has a few potions and a fine dagger and stiletto. I picked the fighter subclass and she has a lot of skill points in alchemy, athletics, and streetwise. Stats are something like 13 might 16 con 10 dex 14 per 11 int 14 will. I get the distinct impression she may have somewhat of a drinking problem :D
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