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  1. If you want to deal damage with wizard spells in wizard/multi on potd avoid tanking.Enemies interrupt too often.On other side wizard/assassin deals such huge damage with spells,that encounters often end in few seconds.Max int and mig.Shadowing beyond to position yourslef and then torrent of flame.90% of enemies just burst into gibs.Main problem is bosses(you have very few spells to cast and bosse just love to focus on you) and killing poor eder(thats why it is much better to make him fighter/rogue multi)
  2. On podt-no.Enemy mages will strip you of buffs ,enemy melee will go through your illusions really fast,most enemy ranged fighters use guns(so veil is useless),your hp is low and you will have low damage mitigation,most of the times you will not survive their alpha strike.Trickster/fighter combo is much better at tanking.
  3. Ninagauth Shadowflame is pretty good(unique spell,high range,paralize aoe,higher damage then fireball),torrent of flame(huge damage for its level),ninagauth mooring beam,Fleet Feet 1 lvl spell(amazing instant buff spell which is better then lvl 3 alacrity of motion spell),dimensional shift is very good for mobility
  4. 1.Don't take illusionist.Take general wizard.Illusionist blocks too many usefull spells for this build.Specialist wizards are for single class wizards imho. 2.Pale elf is bad for rogue builds bcs they have huge reflex stat and most elemental(if not all) spells target reflex.Wood elf is way better(if you want elf). 3.Max int.This build depends on buffs(and debuffs) and multi wizard has low number of recasts.In prolonged fight they suffer even with empower. 4.I prefer assassin in rogue/wizard multi.Empowered AOE evocation spell at the start of the fight makes it so much easier.The numbers are
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