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  1. I realy don't know but the fight was far away from this area on the map. I don't see if an automat crush her into the ground... but the result is that I'm stupidely stuck on the map
  2. Hi one of my party member is stuck in the map after a fight. So I can't do nothing... Any console command (without locking success) to teleport him or to regroup my party? I already try the file integrity check. Best regards. Post edit: Ok it' seems there's no solution. So I use the Unity console to solve the probleme. But I do not recomand the solution because you can use it to cheat. Use this way only if you are stuck and remove the console.
  3. Hi, just after leaving an area, my group get stuck on the world map. I can't move any direction. A way to "teleport" for debuging this? Best regards. Post edit: After creating a new game and loading back my savegame my party is abble to move again... So this post can be close.
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