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  1. Well I went into that on the last page.... I did state specifically that was speculation... but.. there's reason to believe they already had some in reserve for the expansion pack.
  2. Well that is up to you, I'm not here to split hairs with you... I'm making a reasonable estimate on copies sold. An stated so to you directly. And I'm pretty sure I'm SERIOUSLY underselling it.... given those are ONLY STEAM numbers not the other sales outside of STEAM. Likely the number is much higher than even I estimated.... I was pretty conservative. 18 Million dollars up to this point on a 4 million budget. Heck its more likely a good 20+ million on a 2.5 million budget. But either way... it proves everyone wrong that a game like this in this day and age isn't a moneymaker
  3. Do you have a source for that? The best information I could find is steamspy, which says that there's approximately 377667 owners. I'm guessing about 50000 of them are probably backers. Well that's why I used the words approximately. None of us here know the real figures. All we can do is make estimates. I just gave a rough estimate based on what we currently know. At present... the STEAM sales are selling at approx 4000-6000 per day from what I could see in the charts at Steamspy. I estimated approximately 400,000 sales which is reasonable. I can definitely say... the estimate
  4. Well after looking at the Steam Figures, Pillars of Eternity has sold approx. 400,000 on JUST STEAM at present. At approximately $45 per copy... that's about 18 Million after ONE month. (for the record its up to 91,000 people playing at peak, going on the figures updated from the earlier posts on this thread) According to the information we have, the game had an initial budget of approx. 4 Million. That is an enormous gross with such a relatively small cost to produce already... and that's not including the sales for the rest of the year and ONLY includes STEAM sales, not other sal
  5. They are bad. It's specific to the Elves too. I've been in the toolset and trying to find decent head models. These aren't just "WoTC" pics they're basing them on. Some of these, are just plain old bad modeling. I hadn't really looked through the range of faces until just recently when I needed to create a female elf NPC. The Human faces are decent, could use some better female ones, but nothing overly bad there but could use some additions. Half Orcs, very nice. Dwarves, also good. Halfling females are pretty good, just not much selection. Asimaar and Teifling are decent too.
  6. And thats really what it comes down to and the reason people don't like them or won't play them. First of all they are dead ends, and there is no solution because there's no right ansswer. On top of that... half the time when you play those, there's too many people trying to shovel their own **** on you when you know damn well its not like that. Examples: Laborers are often just as greedy as the corporations they claim to fight against (Think labor unions helping to put car companies out of business when they can't compete with overseas companies, thus cutting their own throats over th
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