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  1. Yeah, Vela still doesn't work for me... She shows up on the beach and then showed up on the ship talking to Eder, after that she vanished. Tried leaving and coming back about ten times and no way to make her show up again.
  2. I have the same problem with Vela, she only appeared on the ship after recruiting Serafen (with the beta patch) and all the lines are generic ones.
  3. Just checked again just to make sure, left the area and came back multiple times, switched party members around, still not there sadly. Was reading about this on reddit and apparently for some people it now works and for others it doesn't. Probably related to some other choice if I had to guess. Edit: After picking up Serafen she now shows up... Guess he's needed for her to show up for some reason.
  4. Tried the patch on my current saved game, Vela was nowhere to be found. Created a new game, found her on the beach, kept on playing until you have access to the ship and she has now disappeared again.
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