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  1. I admit I primarily multi-class. But I'd have to say after playing around with trying to make a furry druid that I find druid at least as a caster to be just bad. I hit a large area sure but it never seems to do any damage. As point of clarity I wanted to go with a storm/lightning theme and went all in on that so it might just be lightning spells in general. I'd have to say it's lacking as a caster class over all. The massive cast time compared to say wizard for little damage is kinda disappointing. That said I think top tier pure classes would have to be rogue, chanter, wizard, monk. There are other classes that are solid solo classes but I think they are better suited to being apart of a multi class. A key example for me is the fighter is a class that I think almost exists to be paired with another class. You want a tank? fighter + X = tank.
  2. In all honesty I've been trying rogue with almost everything and you can make the rogue do exactly what you want depending on how you want to play it. If you're going for sneak attack burst then assassin with soulblade, bleakwalker (paladin), or barbarian are great options. If you want more of a sustained damage rogue then streetfighter with any monk, barb, fighter, paladin, shifter druid, cypher, chanter (better at range), or really any other martial class. You could do some crazy things with rogue/caster but that gets into a conversation all it's own.
  3. I know I've done unbound/illusionist and she never takes any damage in any fight i'm in and has enough engage to keep her surrounded at all times.
  4. If you respec or recruit some one at least level 5 or higher, that I've tested so far, after level 1 you are put to level 4. The game half acts like you're level 2 and half acts like you're level 4. You get 1 point for both specs in the case of multi class but don't get the tier 2 options. Another possible related issue I noticed is in the case of chanter you only get 1 point and can't choose a chant and a phrase* (sorry not sure if those terms are right).
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