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  1. I would like to point out that this is entirely possible, as the "Old Republic" seen in eps1-3/6 is not the same one as in KOTOR I & II, since in Shatterpoint, Mace Windu says many times that the Republic is only a little older than Yoda ~ 1000 years (Yoda + ~ 100 years)
  2. If you had payed attention, she reveals that she just wanted the time to drive Atris completely over the edge, and get to Malachor: it was all a test. And Boa-Dur is one of the most awesome charactors - leave him unarmed and put a few stat-points into intelligence, and the rest into strength. And HK-47 is awesome: Die Meatbag Most worthless charactor is Disciple - weak, and has a polar shift in focus:making it to where you can't keep his skills focused in the same areas easily.(I also got him to Jedi at level 7.
  3. I would like to point two things out: 1. Niman is usually considered necessary to learn Jar-Kai, so it would likely seem similar, as well as giving Revan a well rounded style to use in addition. and 2. Jar-Kai is not purely a form of it
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