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  1. Dear BugHunters I ventured out from the first port (Port Majie ?) and traveled towards Nekataka making some stops on the way and killing some bounties ( i had some Blessings activated , the double class skill for 3 and the level up to lvl 4 for 12) i stopped on the uncharted island on the way to Nekataka that contains an undead swamp and undead crypt. In the swamp you are ambused on dryland and waves of undead come and attack you from the swamp. At first i died in the slog zones in the swamp and loaded my auto save. when i loaded the auto save all my characters had the slog zone debuff even though they were still on dry land, i thought nothing of it at first but then the debuff stayed on no matter what i did. i tried being knocked unconscious, i tried reloading, i tried changing zones, i tried to "cure it" with debuff despellers. but i now permanently have the Slog Zone debuff on the whole of my party. please help thank you and good day. Regards SZB (great game otherwise) Link to savegame and log https://www.dropbox.com/sh/f1lix2jujmowno1/AACDqFMNSW3XeqML0kLu2DUGa?dl=0
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