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  1. Don't think so, you should report it as a bug. Yeah, I wanted to check here first because it's not only the ring, the same thing happens with the Nomad's Brigandine active so I thought there was a chance of it being intended.
  2. This appears to work, it was probably the damage part of come come soft winds of death that broke the invis. Thanks for the answer.
  3. Yup, this is my thinking as well, but I wasn't sure if it's an oversight that chanting breaks invisibility or that they don't allow you to stop chanting whenever you want to.
  4. Anyone know of a way to somehow stay invis if you use smoke cloud with a chanter multiclass? I don't know if it's intended but since there's no way to turn off chanting, as soon as your character gets to the next verse it breaks invisibility, rendering all the turn invisible rogue skills pretty much pointless.
  5. This. Heavy handed blanket nerfs will ruin the experience, it's much better to wait and see where PotD ends up being in regards to difficulty and go from there.I'd much rather they buff encounters then nerf everything to the ground. That said, some things are way out of line like some swift flurry interactions, the brilliant inspiration, faith and conviction/deep faith etc. On the other hand there are some high level abilities which are garbage (looking at you sacred immolation). The thing I'm not quite sure on how they will get around to balancing (or if they will get around to balancing) is the fact that you can get some incredibly OP gear early on, personally I don't mind it being there but some might think it's another way to trivialize the game.
  6. Holy ****, you're right. I completely forgot about that, so basically this is gonna continue until I get mental fortress. Thanks for the answer.
  7. As the title says, the Kind Wayfarer FoD is healing enemies as well as allies. I started playing a Fanatic (Kind Wayfarer/Berserker) and it's been happening since the very first battle. My thoughts are that it has something to do with the way FoD interacts with carnage.
  8. Not exactly the same issue with the OP but does anyone know if it's possible to recruit Eder again if you tell him "I need to do this alone" at the beach? And if so, when?
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