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  1. rymgard memory burden debuff never disappear after the quest with the animancer 4 days and i left the game on all night too... (tried to complete quests side/main sleep/drug/grog/prostitute/prayed ) nothing worked
  2. 2 days and the debuff is still going, i left the computer with the game (not in pause) all night . i dont know what to do anymore
  3. how do i know if my post is shown or no and why isnt if i dont see anything at all wtf is this bul****?
  4. after i have spoken with rymgard during the animacer quest he cursed my character with "memory burden"( for an unknown reason and the curse itselft dont esplain anything at all) that never lift after hours i still have it and resting/driniking grog ( as suggested by serafen to xoty) dont remove it, i tried to do quest side /main and nothing rant mode on : who is the idiot that thought this was a good idea? cause i have some curse for him as well. how this should have been done: rymgard curse the player THAN the player embark on a quest to lift it while better understanding the god and
  5. hi, my character is a mage level 6 ,after "respeccing" the wathcer ability disappear. it doesnt matter when or where beacuse i tried to respec in port maje way before i saw the problem and it happen again
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