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  1. Is Eder really difficult to get positive relationship points with or am I doing something wrong? Everyone else has one or 2 positive points and hes still sitting on 0. I've done his quest, bring him everywhere but nothing. He never has anything to say to me either. Anyone now anything in particular that gives him positive relationship points?
  2. I dont think anyone is saying Obsidian mislead us about being able to romance Eder specifically. However, they chose to include romamces and also chose to deliberately exclude him and gave a lame excuse in game too. Hes the obvious choice for a romamce and a lot of people wanted and expected it. I honestly dont think it matters what the writer wanted to write. This is a product for consumers, who also happen to be backing the developmemt. If you have a female character and want a straight romance what are your options. Serafen isnt a full romance, Tekehu was in my party literally 5 minutes and I already hate him. And Aloth? I feel like that would be like romancing my brother. I only see him as a really good friend to the watcher. Eder should have been included because its the only one that makes sense or gives straight females a decent option considering he kind of hit on you in the first game too.
  3. I kind of agree. Didnt Chris say that a kickstarter campaign would make them answerable to the players and thats what they wanted? Considering a lot of players wanted this and were expecting it as evident on many forums here and elsewhere over the last few days, its a bit of a kick in the face to the people who supported them. I know some of the writers dont like romances, and thats fine. But they should be included for those who do. If you dont want it its easily ignored or turned down its not a big deal. I dont like to do a lot of things in work, but I do them anyway if it makes my customers happy.
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