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  1. After all the magic tricks with the console, settings, reinstalling and verifying game it still shows this sad black screen as @ladyerror said. Maybe my output log can be helpful too. https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=output_log.txt
  2. Man, when it says:"the command "areatransition" is not available at this time" - it's okay? I should try more, or maybe i do something wrong? (Sorry for probably stupid questions)
  3. Hi again, this link to the save file https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=Maria()(6e10fe4c-a5ae-48a0-87f2-040634609f1c)(755301401).savegame
  4. Hi. I have a trouble. Game freezing in the load screen in the location when i for first time met Aloth - when i try to go to the sub-level of the arena. After the first crush in this place i can`t load any of the saves in this area (only in this area; saves from the beginning normally working). In other parts, game works perfectly, without freezing and bugs. Really didn`t understand why is this happenning.
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