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  1. Thank you so much! Exactly what I was looking for, much appreciated! Only thing I can't seem to locate is the id for mythical_adra_stone, Ive checked all the lax-folders and it should be in the items.gamedatabundle but can't find it for some reason.
  2. Hey, Anyone know where to get a hold of the item id:s for the weapons, armors etc from the two new dlc:s? I found the json-list but it doesn't seem that it has been updated with all these new items, I can only find the id:s from the base game for example; ID": "ca20390e-96e7-459f-bb69-8da4a099729f (Grave Calling).
  3. They said patch were going live on Tuesday, but now its Wednesday and still no patch...
  4. Is it possible to use this patch for us that bought the game through App Store?
  5. Paying 75 bucks to only play the intro, walking on a purple road, isn't ok. I´d like a refund
  6. Same problem here, black screen after intro walking thing, Macbook Pro 2015, 10.13.4. Feels pretty bad paying for a game that doesn't run
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