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  1. Any chance of an update or projected timeline for the Mac issue? It's a little frustrating to see other issues being resolved before the one of the game simply not working for a lot of people.
  2. Obsidian really needs to be more transparent on this issue. I shouldn't have to find a twitter feed to get a vague "we are working on it" claim. If they sold a product that they knew was not functional (i.e. this was a known issue from the beta) then how is that ethical? Paired with the issue not being addressed or mentioned in the Tuesday patch you can see why so many Mac users are frustrated.
  3. Is it possible to get a timeframe for the fix? I can be patient for a few days, but anything longer than that and I am better off getting a return on steam and picking it up on discount at the summer sale in a month or so. Some transparency would be appreciated.
  4. Looking over the wiki, and theorycrafting a shifter druid (as I have a mac and can't play at the moment) and I noticed that all of the animal spirit shifts have an armor calculation of (8+ Power Level +1 every 5th Level), with the exception of bears which have (8 +2 +1 every 5th Level). It looks like bears are supposed to be a tank form. Does this mean that they are strong at 1st level, but falls behind all the other forms shortly after? Or is it supposed to be {8+(2 x power level)+1 every fifth level}? Can someone with access to the game check this please? because as it stands it looks like the elk and boar forms seem to be stronger tanking options.
  5. 10.13.4 Updated to high Sierra just to play. restarted the laptop, and lowered graphic settings after the first two black screen 'not responding' crashes. Still getting the beachball.
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