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  1. Or the same person. MG has been posting the same threads all over forums. That said Deadfire is in desperate need of higher difficulty overall. Dragon fight has been very unthreatening. Not even close to Sky Dragon. One thing I notice is that AI doesn’t seem to target squishy units. My back line of ciphers and wizards is pretty much left untouched. I just fought xaurips who would properly use stealth and backstabs. Suddenly things got more interesting. AI needs to be given more tools, or utilize them better. Be that as it may, claiming a game is unplayable just because it isn't hard eno
  2. Empower is a per-rest mechanic that doesn't reset all casts/resources (only half). As far as resting in general goes, Deadfire doesn't encourage rest spamming (unlike PoE 1) because of the way food/drink system has changed. Having six characters in a party (i.e. complexity for the sake of complexity) doesn't lend itself automatically to more compelling gameplay. Veteran and PotD difficulty settings haven't been tweaked yet. Yea, about resting. Nothing prevented you from backing out of a dungeon and just going to rest if you needed to. There was really only one place in the entire game
  3. Yes, if you paid a lot for this transation unfortunally you guys were scammed. This translation is almost unplayable. If it was made by a person that knows portuguese only as a second language, then, it's a good try. But if it was made by a brazilian company, it's a scam. When I'm leveling up I always change to english to be able to understand the skills, same for item stats. The portuguese version simple don't make sense. As mentioned above, it feels like it was translated with google translate. I noticed that some parts they even removed information, as the character was sp
  4. Unfortunately It happened what I feared After I saw how tyranny had a dumbed down gameplay and dificulty, I though it would influence on PE2. Asked on forums and everyone said that it would not influence, but here it is... 1 less party member because 6 is too hard to manage Infinite rests.... I can rest after every encounter. I miss having to plan my rests due to the 4 limit Empower to reset again all abilities, infinite rest is not enough. We need to "rest" mid fight Super easy bosses. I killed 2 dragons and 1 huge sea creature with few hits on veteran. PE1 dragons you had to go to yo
  5. I was able to finish this quest. I read the soul of the Wahaki leader while chatting on the throne room. Maybe you have to do that quest about the slavers first. Did you do it?
  6. Hello, I tried to search but I didn't find anything. So I made this thread. I started the game as veteran and no level scalling, but I'm finding the combat too easy. It even became boring because I don't have to try to be sneaky or try to solve my problems talking because I can just stomp my way into everything. I'm killing everyone without dificulty even on 3 red skulls quests. Since I'm already 34 hours in, I would like to know if there is a workaround to change the game to potd? I know you can't do it with the regular option (sad), but maybe editing some game file?
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