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  1. I have to agree with you guys, there is a whole lot of mistranslations (a huge one in the very beginning of the game when they resume PoE1, the french translation "resolving in the killing of Waidwen" (in english text) implied that YOU took part in the killing of Waidwen instead of the dyrwoodians, which is by far very misleading for french players who have never played the first one) But I have to say for their defense that the work for this kind of game with its large texts content is MASSIVE. There is room for big improvement, and I hope the future updates will give time for the translating team to cover their mistakes, but I insist on thanking the work that has already been done. The original (English) version of the game is very well written of course, but French language is rich, powerful and poetic (+ reading in your mother tongue deepens the experience), and I still want to pay a tribute for the translation team, despite the many flaws, for their devotion and dedicated work. I am still enjoying it in French, and let myself get carried away and inspired by the lines of dialogues and descriptions, picturing with sharp precision the intended scene or emotion, like reading a good book. Hopefully it will get better and all of us will be able to enjoy the game and the great writing from the beginning to the end in French, without getting interrupted by misleading / counterintuitive translations.
  2. Hi there, and good luck for the big start tomorrow! I wanted to make a custom portrait as well, but I can't seem to make a good watercolored version of the portrait, if any of you has more talent than me I'll be a thousand times grateful. Here's the original : And here's what I tried to make ...
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