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  1. Which basically means it's only useful for tanks, or should DPS melee characters focus on it as well?
  2. How would you guys distribute attributes? I was focussing on Might and Dex while keeping Con low. But I can make a case for also increasing Perception, Intellect and Resolve. With the Might changes though should I also change my attributes.?
  3. So, Bleak Walker/Soulblade is it still strong, if so how would you build it? Or are other Paladin Orders better now?
  4. I would max Might, higher than average Dex, rest is up to you, depending on if you want to be more tanky or more glass of a glass cannon. If you want to take full advantage of Flames of Devotion I would dual wield 2 heavy 1 handers (like sabres), since it's a full attack. Thanks!
  5. How would you guys build an Inquisitor? Bleak Walker/Soulblade, but with what attributes? And which weapons would you use, a Two Handed sword, or dual wielding daggers, sabres or something else?
  6. So, how would you build a Bleak Walker/Soul Blade? I'd think you would max Might and maybe Dexterity and go average on the rest? Mind you, I'm not someone that likes to use a lot of food buffs/potions, so, I don't want to rely on those to make my character viable. What Talents would you recommend taking that synergise well?
  7. That seems like an interesting build. Bleak Walker + Soulblade seems to be really popular.
  8. I've narrowed it down to Bleak Walker + something, but I'm unsure what the best choice would be. I've seen people recommend everything from Chanters to Cyphers to Barbarians. But everyone seems to agree dual wielding is the way to go. So, what is the best build in your opinions for a Bleak Walker + ? and how would you build them stat-wise and on which abilities/talents/equipment would you focus?
  9. Hello everyone, I'm thinking about making my player character a Paladin, but, I'm spoiled for choice, hence, I'm stuck not knowing what to pick. So I turn to you guys. What are some of the best Paladin builds out there and how would you build them? (Stat-wise/background etc.) They can be pure builds, multi-class ones I don't really mind. Thanks in advance and I'm eagerly awaiting what you guys can come up with.
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