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  1. I've seen that before. Did you also leave the Sky Dragon (Hylea's quest) and the dragons of the White March alone, though? Yes, I did. I checked my game and I saw that I killed one dragon tho, that easy dragon that had the godhammer's shard, so maybe that's it... but with so many bugs regarding the import save I'm a little worried.
  2. So, the beta patch was working fine, until I met Seraphen's captain and he addressed me as a famous "dragon slayer", even thou I didn't kill any dragon on pillars 1 and I freed the adra dragon. Is this bugged as well?
  3. So, the beta patch was working fine, until I talked with Seraphen's captain (when we first met) and he said that I was a famous dragon slayer, even tho I freed the adra dragon on pillars 1. Is this another save import bug?
  4. The save import fix is mandatory to me. Guess I will have to wait until next week. God knows how much stuff was not imported correctly.
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