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  1. Yeah I love it. Now I just need the ability to sit down on a chair in an inn. So I can watch the fireplace and the people walking about. Oh, and for my hair not to disappear when I put a hat on. Please? The one reason I only wear hoods.
  2. I have also seen a few people who dislike the start of the story of POEII but like the story in the first game. Which I find interesting since personally it took me 5 tries to get into POEI due to the start feeling uninteresting. I never felt this with Baldur's Gate I and II. However, POEII had me hooked right from the start. It feels more like the BG games, which is good. Also the main story being disconnected; Well I like that. It's more like BGII in this regard. Unlike BGI where there was not much of any side quests, it was all about the main story really.
  3. To each their own. I liked the narrator voice as soon as she began to speak. But you do not hear it all the time, unfortunately.
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