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  1. I've used a Shattered Pillar/ Soul Blade and a few other Shattered Pillars like pure class, mixed with Devoted, mixed with Paladin (both Gold Pact and Bleak Walker) and mixed with Berserker. Now that fist damage is fixed (it used to lose out Transcendent after a save load) Fists are the king of auto attack DPS. They have more base damage than slow one handers like swords and battle axes and the attack speed of fast weapons like rapiers and daggers. Power level also directly increases your penetration, accuracy and damage. Bottom line fists are great and you want as high a power level as yo
  2. If I were to roll this Shattered Pillar monk, how should I place my attributes? Also, do you think that a pure Shattered Pillar is stronger than a pure Helwalker when paired with the Nature Godlike?
  3. Didn't play yet but on paper I think Skald would work wonders with Berserker or Devoted. It would also fit nicely form role-playing perspective if you care about that . It's just difficult to choose a weapon without ever playing the game. What weapon would you choose? 2H? Also, doesn't berserker hurt your team? How do you avoid that? I really appreciate your input! Also, what do you think of Shifter/ Berserker?
  4. What do you guys think about Skald/ Shattered Pillar? What melee class has the best synergy with Skald? Thinking of trying that with the Nature Godlike or Wild Orlan.
  5. What exactly does the Wellspring of Life do? And if the Moon Godlike heals, would that be an ability that could sustain the damage of HelWalker/ Bleak Walker?
  6. I was considering between a few classes for my MC and was hoping for input from some of you who have been playing the beta. Let me know what you think! 1. Nature Godlike - Helwalker/ Bleak Walker Question: Does the might increase from Helwalker trigger Nature Godlike's heal? Shattered Pillar over Helwalker? 2. Wild Orlan - Shifter/ Skald Question: Is there Synergy with this combo? 3. Nature Godlike - Barbarian or Helwalker/ Skald What do you guys think? Am I on the right track? Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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