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  1. HK was pretty funny at times, but his constant "Can I kill him", etc got to be a little annoying. GOTO was useless, but he/it isn't a choice. The Desciple is also useless. A very generic character. Too bland for my tastes.
  2. That's actually a really sound idea. For instance, for Kotor 2, they could have a CG animation of the cutscene with Kreia, Nahilus, and Sion. That would be awesome.
  3. Light Side, of course. I've played both games, both sides. Light side seems to be ultimately more powerful and rewarding in the end.
  4. Peragus had a great deal more thought and time put into it as far as storytelling goes, but it was simply too long. Therefore, I'm going will Taris on this one.
  5. Oh hell yeah. A Kotor movie would be fun. I've always thought that the story behind that series is much better than any of the current Star Wars movies.
  6. Both of the Kotor games were simply brilliant, but actually prefer Kotor 2 to Kotor 1. I believe the depth given to the Kreia character as well as the intrigue surrounding The Exile make this game the most well-written I have ever played. Period. Only Baldur's Gate comes close.
  7. Since Darth Bandon is not a choice and General Grievous is neither Sith nor Jedi, then my choice would have to be Atris, simply by elimination. Nahilus- He destroys entire planets. His character was simply underdeveloped. It has been theorized that he may be returning in Kotor 3 as a major adversary. He is nowhere near weak. Count Dooku- Went toe to toe with three of the toughest jedi of his time and managed to hold his own. Sure, he fled from Yoda, but not before putting up a good fight. Plus, he managed to best both Anakin and Obi-Wan. He was only defeated after being weakened by Obi-Wan. Darth Maul- No force powers to speak of. He was, however, the closest thing to a "True Sith" that either the movies or the games has had. Plus, he was amazing with a lightsaber. Malak- Dark Lord of the Sith. Please. How is he weak? Revan- Dark Lord of the Sith. Hero of the republic. Kotor 1 antagonist. Either bested Malak and Bandon or Malak, Bandon, and all of his party depending on how you played it. Mace Windu- Regarded by many as the best saber fighter of his time. Was no slouch with the force, either. Bested Palpatine and was only defeated when Anakin betrayed him. Sion- He is actually the most powerfull, simply because he defied the laws of life and death. He was only defeated when The Exile convinced him to give up his life force. Luke- If you only watched the movies, then I could see why you could make a case for him being the weakest. He often struggled against non-force users and failed to best the only 2 force users he faced. However, the books and the Jedi Knights series show us that, in time, Luke becomes the most powerful force user of his time.
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