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  1. Still 21 to go. Ahhh The hassles of real life no doubt. Either that or the beta testers are having too much fun and forgot to inform Gizka of their findings.
  2. Including the jump back to around 27 up and crawl back down a total of 21... 7-8 problems have been fixed in the early-mid part of this month. Assuming all things go well that would put the release date in what... Mid to late November?
  3. I hope it will be done before Christmas. Though really I don't mind simply because we are in the work/school season again after all. Well anyways... Keep up the good work Team Gizka! PS... Gizka, I am not asking for an update here but I would at least like to know if progress is still being made or if everyone is too busy at the moment to work.
  4. Especially when they aren't done well in the first place.
  5. Extras? Calling the stuff "Extras" implies that the stuff wasn't meant to be there in the first place.
  6. So close! Soon I will be able to play through KOTOR II for the first time... Yes I said the first time. Even though I got it for Christmas I stopped playine it as soon as I found out about everything that was taken out of the game. I decided instead of playing an incomplete game and playing it a second time completed I would just wait for it to be finished and then play it for the first time.
  7. Does anyone have a link(s) for the KOTOR 1 restorations? I had no idea that a planet and character were cut from the game. BTW: Keep up the great work team GIZKA
  8. I'm sure they will. I can't help but have mixed emotions when I see the problem count go up. On one hand it means wating longer for the project to be finished but on the other hand it means a more stable and complete game.
  9. Same here... BTW... Have there been any confirmed developments about KOTOR III?
  10. Its down to 128 now!! :joy: (w00t) ) Keep up the good work! If you don't we might all go :crazy:
  11. Dan Quayle of the Romans? A little Civilization joke there or random rambling? Oh, and keep up the good work Team Gizka!!! One quick question, did yall happen to fix the anoying glitch that causes KOTOR II to crash half the time whenever a cinematic loads? (I hope this doesn't cause the total to go back up from 166...)
  12. Are you sure about that number? On page 48 it says only 43 minor problems are being tracked... what happened?
  13. I would rather wait for the patch to be finished before I play the game because when I play games that have a lot of depth and hidden things in them I leave no stone unturned and then go back and beat the stones to dust to see if there was anything I missed...
  14. What an odd post to make my first reply after... I just got KOTOR II for Christmas and was doing searches on the net about just what responses and actions build and destroy influence with the different characters in the game when I stumbled onto a site mentioning cut content. I began looking to find out more and I stumbled across these forums and have read 1 1/2 years worth of posts to catch up on what all this is about. I almost wish I didn't find out about this because now I can't bring myself to play a game that I just started knowing there is so much to it that was left out and that could be added at any moment... Please stop the torture and let us know when the patch will be available... Or I suppose you all (the developers of the patch) can simply patronize us by saying the patch "could be released at any moment". (Note to patch developers: be on your gaurd for rabid gamers could be spawned by doing this and it is common knowledge that rabid gamers possess talents many condsider to be... unnatural...)
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