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  1. No, companions bugs will be fixed later. How much later can we expect? I'm waiting on a fix before I play.
  2. I met Aloth for the first time on the one save I had with the fixed Eder. His import is working properly. He was set to dismantle the Leaden Key and is all set in that regard. I'm not seeing any other import weirdness, unless Eder isn't supposed to react to anti-Eothasian behavior if he had become mayor. Played about 4 hours, went sailing, did Deadlight, recruited Serafen. No issues in the beta patch, so the build seems stable!
  3. In addendum to my above post (which hasn't yet been approved I think!) I checked my save where I manually entered that I made Eder a skeptic. In that save pre-patch, he had the Mayoral amulet but talked about going to Aedyr instead of becoming mayor. So to recap, in regards to Eder importing correctly, old import save is retroactively fixed. Old manual-entry save is still bugged. New import save is still bugged.
  4. I don't think the Eder history fix is working. I went back to my very first save with a Mayor Eder. He still has the Night Market medallion, but he mentions his time as mayor. That's working right! But I had to redo my character to fix attributes, so I started a new save. Upon importing again, I find Eder once again has a Night Market Amulet and talks about the Night Market, despite having ended up as mayor. So it retroactively fixed one of my games, but when importing fresh it's still broken.
  5. ObsidianEric over on reddit claimed that a fix will be retroactive. Not sure how that works with Eder's medallion - is it going to be taken away? - but we might not need to start a new save to fix this.
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