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  1. I am currently playing a Black Jack/Assassin build. It is very satisfying in combat and my character Rosario has twice as many kills as everyone in the group..all 8 slots have filled with unique weapons. One of my favorite pistols is Eccea's Arcane Blaster. This pistol has a chance to dish out 1-3 bullets and can score knockback. Paired with Thundercrack Pistol that has a storm rune. That storm rune can wipe out groups of people easy. Then quick switch through blunderbusses mercs.
  2. yeah man i am having the same issue and guns are my main use with my main character. I can reload saves but end up running into the same issue again after the next fight...I'm using the quick switch gunslinger method and he will get a few rounds off then get stuck in the whole reload mechanic through the rest of the battle. Tried to switch weapons/re-equip but he still just gets stuck in reloading. Resting doesn't work and reloading a saved game works temporary until the next fight. I have noticed as well if youre using Eccea's Arcane Blaster with the shock run you can skip reload as well and cast the shock rune twice with no reload penalty. You can also still cast the shock rune when this glitch is going on.
  3. Luckily we will be able to change the name to our ships. I was thinking something more along the lines of... Biawac's Fury Biawac's Grasp Biawac's Eerie Caed Nua's Vengeance
  4. Some cool other portrait pics I like that I would consider using for other games or for hire
  5. OMG this is awesome. I am looking for some assistance of a portrait pic I edited infused with my face. I am trying to do a watercolor pic. If anyone could help that would be awesome! So far this is the only downfall for the game for me that makes it sort of frustrating. Set backs from playing the game because i have to have this one/two watercolor pics in it to match my character when before it was just find or edit a pic then cut it to size. I do not have photoshop and tried other outlets online but I can't find anything that matches the game.
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