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  1. So i got command CompanionAddRelationship but can't get it work. Some help please?
  2. Is someone able to Tell me if There is a command for adding points in relationship?
  3. Which CPU and how much RAM do you have? i5-600U @ 2.30GHz 2.40GHz;12G RAM I'm guessing you mean 6200u or 6300u? In which case you should probably be able to get stable FPS on Medium. Do you have D: OS2? If you can run that game, like at all, you're good to go for Deadfire lol. I am guessing that with 8gb ram, gtx 560, and i5-2400 3.10 GHz i will be able to Play on medium too? (I was able to Play DoS2 without problems too)
  4. Because other people don't tend to enforce misplaced complaining? Porting games to OS X isn't exactly easy and more importantly it's not even worth it financially - which is why so few games get a port in the first place. So yes, one should absolutely be grateful that a relatively small team like Obsidian is doing this. It's rather The fact that you are acting like a ****.
  5. Yeah, prices of GPU are really high right now, and even if you have Money it's hard to get GPU. Returning to The pillars topic, i really think that requirement of GTX960 is way too much for this kind of game, i mean if you check steam, Witcher 3 have requirement of gtx 770 in recommended. Also i don't really know how it is possible that Linux Has so much Lower GPU requirement, i mean can someone explain how is it even possible? Will Pillars be uglier on Linux? If no and every thing is The same, then why Windows have much bigger requirement on GPU? My only hope is fact that expect GPU
  6. Is this some joke? Gtx 960? How did it jump from 570 to 960? Sorry if i'm aggresive but with requirement like gtx 960 i can forget to Play pillars, i mean i only have gtx 560 and because of previous requirements i buyed game
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