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  1. Well, while Aloth is my favourite Character I had an honest character and was trying to be as nice as possible so it was easy to get him to 2+. But it was just as easy to lose points because I can never resist smartass replies! Sometimes when I looked at the disposition and saw I lost points with him again I was wondering why because I never noticed him disapproving of..well most I said. (And I never can get his romance because Fishboy jumps me at the first oppurtunity and I cant say no! He's just so blue and irresistible and kinda cute in a naive way) But the one who annoyed me to no end was Xoti. While everyone was hating on my blueboy they seemed to worship the ground beneath her feet. Like literally minutes after I recruited her she had already +2 with Eder and like 1+ with Aloth. How does she do that? Like she gets + points for exisiting while I had to fight my way through quests! If I hadnt so much moral I would have been afraid of my crew trying to overthrow me to crown her to their new and only goddess. So yeah, the whole game I was like stop making moves at my companions woman..in the end I decided to just not use her anymore to save myself and the innocence of all my companions. (Well not in Fishboys case but he was already mine in that playthrough so hands off! )
  2. im thankful for your work but your orlans kinda all look scary/creepy..all have the same unhinged smiles.
  3. Sometimes you might get a better result if once you finish the watercolor version you place the original on top of it with Pin Light layer choice and adjust its transparency, just have to be careful about the background color so it remains the base parchment one. In my case Pin Light resulted in the final skin/hair/armor color for the orlan girl. Always worth a try, although the result depends on the portrait colors, the trick does seem to work well at least for protecting the original colors and shadows on the watercolor version. This is Pin Light with 55% transparency added, while not a big diffference you can see the shadow of the hair at the neck and ears better. I think most portraits should work fine with leaving transparency on 100% and the primary reason of using this would be making the colors more vibrant, which result in case of this blonde girl doesn't shine through as Pin Light is weak with white/golden colors. I think Dex Portrait was pretty much perfect already but I see your point.
  4. My Pleasure -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Had to slightly recolor & shading this one cause it was really, (like... really really) too bright. You are now my most favourite person ever! Thank you for all your amazing work (~ ̄³ ̄)~
  5. Because they were mine too ! [You really want the other two ?] Yeeeeeeeeees..now that you asked so nicely! I don't think I can thank you enough you are doing great work (Don't worry ill probably annoy you for the weeks to come - I have so many pretty portraits.. )
  6. Thank you again! How did you know these 2 were my favourites..
  7. Hey, could someone please do these? Everytime I think I'll start a new game I see another beautiful portrait and can't help wanting it.. Thanks in advance!
  8. There you go... the hair kinda makes it look messy, though. ...and in order to safe space, again, here is a nother little something. ...man, I think I reached the end of pinterst now. :D Love the second one makes me think of Sailor Moon because of the moon on her head. Great job!
  9. These are gorgeous and all I never knew I wanted! Especially the pale elves cause thats all i've been playing..I just find them the most interesting. Thaaank you.
  10. I know for certain the second one was made - just cant remember who did it. I think it was at the end of the Potraits II but I didnt find it yet. Krimsis did it! (Ddidnt know how to link his post so I downloaded them to attach the files here..)
  11. I know for certain the second one was made - just cant remember who did it. I think it was at the end of the Potraits II but I didnt find it yet.
  12. I was gonna say no way - but I searched and I really nearly found next to nothing on dwarves anywhere..so sorry.
  13. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I love you man!
  14. Hey again Gonna request mine again cause I think they got lost after all these awesome potraits! My favs though are the blond elf with the hood and the one where you cant see the face - I would be veeeerry happy if someone could do these 2!
  15. Gave one of them a shot as practice, hope you like it! Thanks alot I love it!!
  16. Not sure who did these cause it sure as hell wasnt me im super untalented at these - but thanks again for them i love them!
  17. Was kinda annoying I just stopped searching did Aloths quest and happend to find the ship on accident.. Aaaand it seems I was too late and he died. Sorry I dont even feel bad for it because I was so irritated at the end of the quest.
  18. It tells me to pursue the ship? I was already at Hosango before to meet the son of his ex lover. Should I go there again?
  19. Hey, I'm at Eders quest atm "Lighted Path" and hes all like lets follow immediately pls? *puppy eyes* And I was like hell yeah lets follow that ship but I dont seem to beable to figure out where the ship went..the quest says north and following the destruction of Eothas but..where? Does anybody know where im supposed to go next?
  20. I meant these! Thanks again :D http://workupload.com/archive/dmQ3Emu
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