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  1. Yahoo! Current Build: 1.0b10. 1.0b11 is to be considered Release Candidate 1. 1.0b12 may or may not be needed depending on the quanitity of Minor, Major, Crash and Block issues (Trivial, Tweak and Text issues are of lesser concern.) If built it is to be considered Release Candidate 2. As per above, 1.0c1 will follow either 1.0b11 or 1.0b12
  2. > we were back to 18 Nonono, not 18 - I've seen *17* last week! And I'll depict that miracle to children's children!
  3. Those bugs figures growing up and down could make me whining, but with those yummie video teasers I can only say: "I want IT sooo much!"
  4. Yeah, I thought the same. Then if so it's really cool! I also checked the last minor and it looks pretty quirky...
  5. Oh, Dashus closed that minor from 2005! http://mantis.team-gizka.org/view.php?id=9 But what does it mean: "Resolution: won't fix"?? And "Redid the scene"? Dashus, can you tell us, please?
  6. The rumours about their proffesional respectability and loyalty to Obsidian and LucasArts of course
  7. I've just got this crazy idea: maybe you guys can hide some surprise little thingy in the game - it would be kinda "Team Gizka Easter Egg" for those who was waiting and for yourself
  8. If there's 1 major got back then build goes down to 0.6 de jure???
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