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  1. ...and the dudes: PORTRAITS: MALE 2 https://i.imgur.com/dXWYd03.jpg
  2. Hi guys. Here's a couple of other pretty faces I had in the folder: PORTRAITS - FEMALE 3 https://i.imgur.com/cyc2KtJ.jpg
  3. it's just random stuff, mostly I don't collect fantasy images in general, but every time I'm looking for something on the web (a new artist, an article, a review, a game, some kind of wiki about some stuff i don't know) and I see a drawing that could be used as a portrait, I save it and so I'm a little bummed ny the fact that Aumaua are 'unique' looking (which is a good thing on his own) enough that is almost impossible to find portrait that are 100% good for them... i use some 'triton/mermen' and things like that, but only few are actually good
  4. other stuff: PORTRAITS - FEMALE 2 https://i.imgur.com/NMqi3ru.png
  5. Thanks! No, I am good but I was wondering why you would even make a compilation like that when you can just have the individual files without the need of assembling or cropping. It does not make any sense to me at all. But you do you! ah, all right, i get it now XD I mean, of course I have the single portraits... but in the portraits folder of the game :D this was the fastest way I could think to post them HERE, for other people to choose and use... to post every single, isolated image seemed a little long
  6. Why post them in this format though? I would have to cut them out individually if I wanted to use them. ? I'm not sure I understand... you just have to open them with paint and save the one you need. It's literally the simplest way i can think of. If you mean why I didn't also put them in the "small" format, it's because some people like to have the exact same image, while other people like cutting a little more the image to only have the face in the small-size portrait... so everyone can choose what they prefer but if you need something (or some size) in particular, I can ma
  7. and now some of the boys... MALE PORTRAITS - 1 https://i.imgur.com/fO9Gzhk.jpg Preview:
  8. so basically if I go chanter/black jacket I have a very strong beginning, but i'll be weaker if the combat is long... uhm, considering that she's still gonna be a support unit, i could probably settle for the 'strong start, weak long combat' combination. thanks
  9. Black Jacket goes well with anything if you wanna do multiple double pistols. I wouldn't consider Ranger a must-have. thanks! I was planning on playing a kind of wild "voodoo lady pirate", and one idea was that of using a chanter to evoke skeletons + double pistols for the raging pirate stuff :D I'll probably try Black Jacket + Beckoner than
  10. glad you like it i'm gonna post some of the MALE ones later
  11. Hi everyone. Question: if you wanna play a 'gunslinger' type of character, who is more about "rate of fire" than long-distance accuracy, is Black Jacket+Ranger the best/only way to go (multiple double pistols) or there are other better/funnier options?
  12. Hi guys I'm making a little order in my portrait folder, and i wanted to share some of the ones i used in my playthrough, that I stole everywhere i could on the web. you probably already have most of these, but still... here's the first page: FEMALE 1: https://i.imgur.com/hk078OX.jpg
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