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  1. So, I've also encountered this bug... I have a party member with Metaphysics lvl 10 and I can't pass the test. Trying to imprison him is causing a fight, after his nearly down, he says he's too weak and I'm telling him sth like I let him live, instead of attacking him again, but he's dying anyway. I do not want to kill him, and I do not want to let down the queen either. Well, I'll leave it be for now and I'll wait for fix, hope we''ll get it soon ;]
  2. Just got there and exact same thing happened to me. Well, I'll just leave it for now, hope we won't have to wait too long for a fix
  3. Always happy to help out our brothers and sisters in RPG arms over at Obsidian. On a personal note, the big downside to working at inXile is that I now know everything about Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep and Wasteland 3, so it makes the opportunity to play other RPGs that much more precious! Been waiting for this one for a long time. Also, I think I'm on an island somewhere in the game. Looking forward to finding myself. :-D I fell Your pain, man, it must be fantastic working on those legendary games, but on the other side, You know so much about them... too much. Have fun in Deadfire,
  4. I also have some questions that I'm not sure of, I'll pin myself in here, if You don't mind 1. I have a few endgame saves, I suppose I'll be able to choose the one I want to import, will I? 2. I recently made my "perfect" playthrough, but one tiny thing didn't worked out exactly like I wanted to. So, is it possible to change it after I import my savegame?
  5. Hard to say... I'm still hoping we'll get these last 8 in about 8 hours till realease... but right now most of them are asleep So, I read about these "exclusive" PC Gamer and Gamestar pets. Isn't using an in game console disabling an achievments?
  6. There's actually someone streaming it at the moment, and I'm struggling not to watch By the way, great job on those codes, people and thank You very much, I found a few, but they were already in here, You're like a "rapid response group" :D Great initiative from Obsidian, they really do have fantastic PR and marketing and they are example for other companies how it's supposed to be done ;] Cheers, everyone
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