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  1. Let us drag gods to our level so that we can laugh at their smug faces.
  2. I think the problem isn't that the wizards have been nerfed - but that they were OP in PoE 1. PoE 1 Wizard had an exceptional weapon at level 1, +50% attack speed at level 5 , an fast AoE Paralyze with damage at level 9, and so on. In the late game, with a little of help from the priest, the wizard was this. It's sucked for me because I 100%ed PoE 1 with a wizard and the nerf-hammer has hit me hard when I wanted to continue playing with him in Deadfire, but it was something that had to be done. This doesn't mean that the wizard is fine as it is at this moment: it has some useless spell
  3. I had a similar problem but with a less terrible resolution. I could access the config menu and change the game from Windowed to Fullscreen, but then the "Not Optimum Mode Recommended Mode Yadda Yadda" screen attacked. I can't change the game's configuration either because it is just a huge black screen, and I can't find a config file I can edit from outside the game.
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