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  1. Is there any hope that Obsidian could contract with Marc Miller to release a modern Windows-based cRPG implementation of Traveller? There is an extravagance of resource materials to draw from for ideas as Traveller has been around for almost four decades now and has been under constant development. I have always loved SciFi cRPGs but they were always in short supply compared to the Fantasy cRPGs. Two DOS-based implementations of Traveller were released through Paragon back in the day. Nothing commercial has been done with it since in the computer arena. A modern implementation with
  2. Do you ever feel like you really wanted to craft more equipment but you just did not have the gems to do it? Those Blue Diamonds and Beljuril and King's Tears really are in short supply. And while you could use the console to give yourself more, you just don't feel right about it. You want the game to give it to you instead. So here is what you should do. Purchase a magic pouch. Place all of your crafting gems in the magic pouch. Give the pouch of gems to Shandra just before you have her open the way to Ammon Jerro's Haven. When you check Ammon Jerro's gear in Act !!! you will find a surpr
  3. One of the aspects of NWN2 that I really enjoy is the crafting. I have installed "The Complete Craftsman" mod and spend a fair amount of time modifying my (and my team-mates) possessions. I would have liked to have used a special class to enhance this aspect of the game. I was wondering if one of those hobbyist developers out their could make a file that I could stick in my override folder to create an Artisan class (assuming that it would be fairly simple for them to do). These are the parameters I thought looked about right: Artisan 4HP, 6SP, Low BAB, High Will Saves REQ Brd, Clr, D
  4. As you have noticed, certain do not do anything for you companions, such as Diplomacy and Intimidate. They only benefit from Bluff if they have the Feint feat. Otherwise the communication skills are only of value to the main character. You probably have noticed that whenever approach someone outside your party for a conversation, no matter which team member you use, it always defaults back to the main character. Now once you initiate a conversation with a shopkeeper and bring up their inventory, you can change to a different character to actually conduct transactions if you wish. So in tha
  5. This is my first time on any gaming forum. I have played both NWN1 and NWN2 for a couple of years now, mostly NWN2. One of the features I really like about it that I find missing in other RPGs is the ability to zoom in close to the characters in the party with a scroll wheel (not just a picture tile). It makes me feel like I am more present in the game somehow. If someone could reel off some other RPG titles like that I would be interested. I have gleaned a lot of valuable information from the forums. I might even be able to contribute a little bit.
  6. I have been playing NWN2 solo for a couple of years now and one of the first things I did was to figure out how to resurrect Amie Fern. She is a Generalist Wizard and great for crafting. She is one of my favorite characters and I keep her right up to the very end of the original campaign. She is not very interactive as she has no dialog after West Harbor. But she does make a very useful member of the party, albeit a mandatory one. I have never seen any references to anyone else keeping her in their party and I was wondering if anyone ever had? I would be happy to explain how if anyone is in
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