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  1. Im trying to multiclass but whenever i lvel up a companion even after resetting i have no option to multiclass how do i get this?
  2. Ive taken a break from this and waited until the final patch to return. Still all DLC and mega bosses to play and looking for advice on companion builds. My main is a Ranger/Scout dual pistol build which im happy with but looking for advice on the rest. Eder Want him to be a Tank Maia Ranged sniper Xoti Ideally a Melee build to go with EDER Final companion im not sure its a toss up between Aloth and Tekehu or Vatnie again im not sure what would compliment best what I have.Any advice greatly appreciated
  3. Im looking to buy a new rpg or strategy game ive just finished POE2 have played all the infinity engine games My options are Battlefleet Gothic Banner saga 3 (played the others) Divinity original sin 1 or 2( heard there not conected) Tyranny and its DLC (played before but dont own dlc,concerned there wont be a sequel.) Any advice welcome/
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