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  1. Is 8th of May also same date of release for ps4,x box one and switch or it's only pc ?
  2. Hello everyone , I'm the newest member on this forum , I wanted to ask a question regarded if this build , I did buy pillars of eternity on x box one , for a little while I try to create a main character and I was trying few types so far and I played until I reach act 2 , I played as a wizard , paladin , rogue and tried cipher but still I couldn't get a feeling that I'm needed in a party like main character should , that is why I created account here to ask other players that love roleplaying games like I do , and ask about guide or build to create a character to enjoy game, I was thinking about making main character a priest or tanky bear druid, could any one help me with attribute stats how to start game, I like to talk throu problems and quest and be in general good character with honest/diplomat/good in general person, so probly loads of resolve?
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